Movie poster for 10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You

Director: Gil Junger
Writer: Karen McCullah Lutz, Kirsten Smith
Actor: Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Larisa Oleynik, Larry Miller, Andrew Keegan, David Krumholtz, Susan May Pratt
Summary: In this loose A loose adaptation of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, Cameron is the new kid in school who becomes smitten with the beautiful Bianca. But Bianca's overprotective and domineering father forbids Bianca to date unless her older sister Kat, an surly and hostile senior, does. In a bid to get Kat a boyfriend, Cameron sets up a plan to have the school stud, Joey Donnar, bribe Patrick Verona, an outcast senior with a rumor-filled past, to take Kat out on dates so he can go to the school's homecoming dance with Bianca. However, neither Patrick or Kat expect their relationship to lead to something so much more. Heath Ledger's American movie debut.
Movie poster for 40 Carats

40 Carats

Director: Milton Katselas
Writer: Leonard Gershe
Actor: Liv Ullmann, Edward Albert, Gene Kelly, Binnie Barnes
Summary: After a summer fling with a man nearly 20 years her junior while vacationing in Greece, Ann Stanley returns to New York assuming she'll never see Peter again. Until, that is, he unknowingly shows up on her doorstep as a date for her daughter.
Movie poster for The 40-Year-Old Virgin

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Director: Judd Apatow
Writer: Judd Apatow, Steve Carell
Actor: Steve Carell, Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd, Romany Malco, Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, Leslie Mann, Jane Lynch, Gerry Bednob, Shelley Malil, Kat Dennings
Summary: 40-year-old Andy Stitzer has a cushy job stamping invoices at an electronics superstore, a nice apartment that includes a collection of action figures and comic books, good friends, a nice attitude. But at 40, Andy is still a virgin. His friends think he's a bit of an oddball, but they consider it their duty to help Andy out of his dire situation and decide to go to great lengths to help him. But nothing proves effective enough to lure their friend out of lifelong chastity until he meets Trish, a 40-year-old mother of three. Andy's friends are excited by the possibility that 'it' may finally happen, that is until they hear that Andy and Trish have begun their relationship based on a mutual no-sex policy.
Movie poster for 84 Charing Cross Road

84 Charing Cross Road

Director: David Jones
Writer: Hugh Whitemore
Actor: Anne Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins, Judi Dench, Jean DeBaer, Maurice Denham, Eleanor David, Mercedes Ruehl, Daniel Gerroll, Wendy Morgan, Ian McNeice
Screenplay: PN1997 .E387 1985
Summary: Helene Hanff is a New Yorker who loves books but cannot afford expensive ones. When she sees an ad in the Saturday Review for a London bookstore, she sends them her want list and is soon delighted to receive a package of used books - good readable editions, cheap.
Movie poster for 9 1/2 Weeks

9 1/2 Weeks

Director: Adrian Lyne
Writer: Patricia Knop, Zalman King, Sarah Kernoc
Actor: Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Margaret Whitton, David Margulies, Christine Baranski, Karen Young
Summary: 9 1/2 weeks is the length of the affair between two people that centers around a serious game of sexual dominance.
Movie poster for A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)

Director: Michael Hoffman
Writer: Michael Hoffman, William Shakespeare
Actor: Rupert Everett, Calista Flockhart, Kevin Kline, Michelle Pfeiffer, Stanley Tucci, Christian Bale, Sophie Marceau, David Strathairn
Summary: Two pairs of star-crossed lovers, a troop of inept amateur actors, a feuding pair of supernatural sprites and a love potion gone awry all come together in an enchanted moonlit forest.
Movie poster for About a Boy

About a Boy

Director: Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz
Writer: Peter Hedges, Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz
Actor: Hugh Grant, Toni Collette, Rachel Weisz, Isabel Brook, Sharon Small, Victoria Smurfit, Nicholas Hoult
Screenplay: PN1997.A26 H43 2002
Summary: Will is a good-looking, smooth-talking bachelor whose primary goal in life is to avoid any kind of responsibility. So he decides to invent an imaginary son in order to meet attractive single moms. Will gets a lesson about life from a bright but hopelessly geeky 12-year-old named Marcus. Now, as Will struggles to teach Marcus the art of being cool, Marcus teaches Will that you are never too cool to grow up.
Movie poster for Adam's Rib

Adam's Rib

Director: George Cukor
Writer: Ruth Gordon, Garson Kanin
Actor: Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Judy Holliday, Tom Ewell, David Wayne, Jean Hagen, Hope Emerson, Eve March, Clarence Kolb, Emerson Treacy, Polly Moran, Will Wright, Elizabeth Flournoy
Screenplay: PN1997 .A31
Summary: Assistant District Attorney Adam Bonner loves his wife Amanda, but doesn't care much for his opposing counsel in a sensational attempted-murder trial, an opponent who happens to be Amanda.
Movie poster for The African Queen

The African Queen

Director: John Huston
Writer: John Huston, James Agee
Actor: Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Robert Morley, Theodore Bikel, Peter Bull, Walter Gotell, Peter Swanwick, Richard Marner
Screenplay: PN1997 .A31163
Summary: At the start of World War I, German imperial troops burn down a mission in Africa. The mission's reverend was so overtaken with disappointment that he passes away. Shortly after his well-educated, snooty sister Rose buries her brother, she must leave on the only available transport, the 'African Queen' steamboat. The boat is manned by the ill-mannered bachelor, Charlie. Together they embark on a long difficult journey, without any comfort. Rose grows determined to assist in the British war effort and presses Charlie until he finally agrees and together they steam up the Ulana encountering an enemy fort, raging rapids, bloodthirsty parasites and an endlessly branching stream which always seems to lead them to what appear to be impenetrable swamps. Despite their opposing personalities, the two grow closer to each other and ultimately carry out their plan to take out a German warship.
Movie poster for Against all Flags

Against all Flags

Director: George Sherman
Writer: Joseph Hoffman, Aeneas MacKenzie
Actor: Errol Flynn, Maureen O'Hara, Anthony Quinn, Alice Kelley, Mildred Natwick
Summary: A British officer infiltrates the inner circle of the pirates of Madagascar and falls for a lady corsair.
Movie poster for Against All Odds

Against All Odds

Director: Taylor Hackford
Writer: Eric Hughes
Actor: Rachel Ward, Jeff Bridges, James Woods, Alex Karras, Jane Greer, Richard Widmark
Summary: Terry Brogan, a cynical ex-football star, is hired to find Jessie Wyler, the runaway mistress of a ruthless L.A. nightclub owner, Jake Wise. According to Jake, Jessie had stabbed him and vanished with $50,000. But Terry's mission is soon forgotten when he tracks down the beautiful Jessie on a Mexican island and falls in love with her.
Movie poster for Alfie


Director: Lewis Gilbert
Writer: Bill Naughton
Actor: Michael Caine, Shelley Winters, Millicent Martin, Julia Foster, Jane Asher, Shirley Anne Field, Vivien Merchant, Eleanor Bron
Screenplay: PN1997 .A315 1965
Summary: A young man in 1960s London is a shallow womanizer trying to figure out what life is all about.
Movie poster for Algiers


Director: John Cromwell
Writer: John Howard Lawson
Actor: Charles Boyer, Hedy Lamarr, Sigrid Gurie, Joseph Calleia, Alan Hale
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: Charles Boyer plays Pepe le Moko, a notorious thief hiding out in the Casbah, who falls in love with a wealthy tourist, played by Heddy Lamarr.
Movie poster for Alice Adams

Alice Adams

Director: George Stevens
Writer: Dorothy Yost, Mortimer Offner, Jane Murfin
Actor: Katharine Hepburn, Fred MacMurray, Fred Stone, Evelyn Venable, Hattie McDaniel
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: Social climber Alice tries to push her clodhopper family to the background and assumes airs to win the love of an amiable, wealthy young man.
Movie poster for Alice (1990)

Alice (1990)

Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen
Actor: Alec Baldwin, Blythe Danner, Judy Davis, Mia Farrow, William Hurt, Keye Luke, Joe Mantegna, Bernadette Peters, Cybill Shepherd, Gwen Verdon
Summary: Comedy about a rich and spoiled New York housewife in a bad marriage. She dreams of having an affair with a musician she met at her children's school. An acupuncturist she visits in Chinatown gives her mysterious potions that break down her inhibitions, make her invisible and let her see tender moments with loved ones from her past.
Movie poster for All That Heaven Allows

All That Heaven Allows

Director: Douglas Sirk
Writer: Peg Fenwick
Actor: Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson
Summary: Cary Scott, an attractive and wealthy New England widow, creates a social outcry in her community and within her family when she becomes romantically involved with Ron Kirby, her much younger gardener.
Movie poster for Always


Director: Steven Spielberg
Writer: Jerry Belson
Actor: Holly Hunter, Richard Dreyfuss, John Goodman, Brad Johnson, Audrey Hepburn
Screenplay: PN1997 .A4477 1989
Summary: A legendary pilot with a passion for daredevil fighting sacrifices himself to save his best friend and then help his lover move on with her life.
Movie poster for Amelie


Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Writer: Guillaume Laurant, Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Actor: Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz, Rufus, Yolande Moreau, Lorella Cravotta, Serge Merlin, Jamel Dabbouze, Claire Maurier, Clotilde Mollet, Isabelle Nanty, Dominique Pinon, Artus de Pinguern, Urbain Cancelier, Maurice Benichou
Summary: Amelie Poulain has led a sheltered life, educated at home by her parents, she lives in a fantasy world of her own. When she finally leaves home and finds work as a waitress in a Parisian cafe, life is uneventful until a chain of extraordinary events leads her to the discovery of a box containing a schoolboy's long forgotten mementos. It is then that Amelie discovers her vocation in life - helping others find love and happiness - which she sets about in her own way. When Amelie falls in love herself, she realizes that making neat solutions is not as easy as it seems.
Movie poster for The Americanization of Emily

The Americanization of Emily

Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: Paddy Chayefsky
Actor: James Garner, Julie Andrews, Melvyn Douglas, James Coburn, Joyce Grenfell, William Windom, Keenan Wynn
Summary: Lt. Commander Charles E. Madison (Garner) loves his job: as 'dog robber' his duties consist of rounding up scarce delicacies and services, while safely avoiding combat. Admiral William Jessup (Douglas), however, is intent on having a sailor as the first casualty on D-Day - preferably with a film crew filming him. Having fallen for his English motor pool driver Emily (Andrews), freewheeling Madison struggles to escape being sent off to land on Omaha Beach as the cameraman.
Movie poster for Amour


Director: Michael Haneke
Writer: Michael Haneke
Actor: Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva, William Shimell, Ramon Agirre, Rita Blanco
Summary: A touching tale of a loving couple whose unbreakable bonds of marriage are tested by life's greatest challenge.
Movie poster for Anna Karenina (1948)

Anna Karenina (1948)

Director: Julian Duvivier
Writer: Jean Anouilh, Guy Morgan, Julian Duvivier
Actor: Vivien Leigh, Ralph Richardson, Kieron Moore, Sally Ann Howes, Hugh Dempster
Summary: Story of passion and family conflict set in 19th century upper-class Russia in which the wife of an aristocrat falls in love with a dashing calvary officer.
Movie poster for Anna Karenina (1965)

Anna Karenina (1965)

Director: Rudolph Cartier
Writer: Donald Bull
Actor: Clair Bloom, Sean Connery
Summary: Anna Karenina is the young wife of Alexis Karenin, a Russian diplomat. She is on a mission of mercy to help her brother patch things up with his wife after an injudicious affair. While helping her brother, Anna meets the dashing officer, Count Alexis Vronsky. Anna is soon swept off her feet by Vronsky and begins an affair of her own. When Karenin finds out, he offers to forgive Anna is she will leave Vronsky. She refuses. It is a decision that will have tragic consequences.
Movie poster for Anna Karenina (2012)

Anna Karenina (2012)

Director: Joe Wright
Writer: Tom Stoppard
Actor: Keira Knightley, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Matthew Macfadyen, Jude Law, Kelly MacDonald
Summary: Set in late 19th century Russia high-society, the aristocrat Anna Karenina enters into a life-changing affair with the affluent Count Vronsky.
Movie poster for Anne of the Thousand Days

Anne of the Thousand Days

Director: Charles Jarrott
Writer: Bridget Boland, John Hale, Richard Sokolove
Actor: Richard Burton, Genevieve Bujold, Iren Papas, Anthony Quayle
Summary: Follow King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in one of history's most famous tragic love affairs in the Academy Award winning materpiece starring Richard Burton and Genevieve Bujold.
Movie poster for Annie Hall

Annie Hall

Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen, Marshall Brickman
Actor: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts, Carol Kane, Paul Simon, Janet Margolin, Shelley Duvall, Christopher Walken, Colleen Dewhurst
Screenplay: PN1997 .A565 1977
Summary: Woody Allen's semiautobiographical portrait of his amorous, but ultimately mismatched, relationship with co-star Diane Keaton. Allen uses satire and comedy to portray this 'nervous romance' for modern times.
Movie poster for The Apartment

The Apartment

Director: Billy Wilder
Writer: Billy Wilder, I.A.L. Diamond
Actor: Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, Fred MacMurray, Ray Walston, Jack Kruschen, David Lewis, Joan Shawlee, Naomi Stevens, Hope Holiday, Edie Adams
Screenplay: PN1997 .A645 1959
Summary: With furthering his career in mind, an insurance clerk lends his apartment to his adulterous higher-ups for their amorous affairs. But his fast track to an executive suite gets derailed when he becomes involved with his boss's latest conquest.
Movie poster for The Arrangement

The Arrangement

Director: Elia Kazan
Writer: Elia Kazan
Actor: Kirk Douglas, Faye Dunaway, Deborah Kerr, Richard Boone, Hume Cronyn
Summary: A successful ad man attempts to re-evaluate his life situation.
Movie poster for The Artist

The Artist

Director: Michel Hazanavicius
Writer: Michel Hazanavicius
Actor: Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo, James Cromwell, Penelope Ann Miller, Malcolm McDowell, Missi Pyle, Beth Grant, Joel Murray, John Goodman
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .A78 2010
Summary: In 1927, George Valentin is a silent movie superstar. However, the advent of the talkies will kill his career and he will sink into oblivion. For young extra Peppy Miller, it seems the sky's the limit as major movie stardom awaits. Though their careers are taking different paths their destinies will become entwined.
Movie poster for As You like It

As You like It

Director: Paul Czinner
Writer: J.M. Barrie, R.J. Cullen, William Shakespeare
Actor: Elisabeth Bergner, Laurence Olivier, Sophie Stewart, Henry Ainley, Leon Quartermaine, Felix Aylmer
Summary: An adaptation of one of Shakespeare's comedies about the star-crossed lovers Orlando and Rosalind.
Movie poster for Atonement


Director: Joe Wright
Writer: Christopher Hampton
Actor: James McAvoy, Keira Knightley, Romola Garai, Saoirse Ronan, Vanessa Redgrave, Brenda Blethyn, Juno Temple, Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Kennedy, Harriet Walter, Peter Wight, Daniel Mays, Nonso Anozie, Gina McKee, Jeremie Renier, Michelle Duncan
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .A86 H36 2007
Summary: In 1935, 13-year-old fledgling writer Briony Tallis and her family live a life of wealth and privilege in their enormous mansion. On the warmest day of the year, the country estate takes on an unsettling hothouse atmosphere, stoking Briony's vivid imagination. Robbie Turner, the educated son of the family's housekeeper, carries a torch for Briony's headstrong older sister Cecilia. He hopes that Cecilia has comparable feelings. All it will take is one spark for this relationship to combust. When it does, Briony - who has a crush on Robbie - is compelled to interfere. She goes so far as to accuse Robbie of a crime he did not commit. Cecilia and Robbie declare their love for each other, but, ultimately, he is arrested. Briony bears false witness and the course of three lives is changed forever. As Briony grow older, she continues to seek forgiveness for her childhood misdeed. Through a terrible and courageous act of imagination, she finds the path to her uncertain atonement, and to an understanding of the power of enduring love.
Movie poster for Avanti!


Director: Billy Wilder
Writer: Billy Wilder, I.A.L. Diamond
Actor: Jack Lemmon, Juliet Mills, Clive Revill, Edward Andrews
Summary: A man travels to Italy to claim his dead father's body, and discovers he has been conducting an affair there for years. Things get complicated when he falls for the woman's daughter.
Movie poster for The Aviator's Wife

The Aviator's Wife

La femme de l'aviateur

Director: Eric Rohmer
Writer: Eric Rohmer
Summary: A young man in love with a slightly older woman sees another man leaving her apartment, and, when he happens to see the other man later that day, starts to follow him.
Movie poster for B.F.'s Daughter

B.F.'s Daughter

Director: Robert Z. Leonard
Writer: Luther Davis
Actor: Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin, Charles Coburn, Richard Hart, Keenan Wynn
Summary: Polly Fulton, a tycoon's daughter, weds a left-wing professor who disdains her privileged lifestyle. When the prof meets professional failure, Polly secretly buys him a career.
Movie poster for The Bakery Girl of Monceau

The Bakery Girl of Monceau

La Boulangere de Monceau

Director: Eric Rohmer
Writer: Eric Rohmer
Actor: Barbet Schroeder, Claudine Soubrier, Michele Girardon
Summary: This first film in French new wave director Eric Rohmer's Six Moral Tales cycle explores the fickle nature of youthful desire. Stuffing himself full of pastries and flirting with the salesgirl, a law student (Barbet Schroeder) surrenders to his appetites. But for all his self-indulgence, he's in fact sublimating his true desire for an unattainable young woman he's seen only from a distance. Claudine Soubrier co-stars.
Movie poster for Barefoot Contessa

Barefoot Contessa

Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Writer: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Actor: Humphrey Bogart, Ava Gardner, Edmond O'Brien, Marius Goring, Valentina Cortesa, Rossano Brazzi, Warren Stevens, Bessie Love, Elizabeth Sellars
Summary: With extraordinary beauty, talent and grace, Spanish dancer Maria Vargas (Ava Gardner) was born to be a star. Aided by American movie director Harry Dawes (Humphrey Bogart), she attains great success and fortune in Hollywood's land of dreams. But, though she gives her all for stardom, there is one thing Maria will never compromise - her soul.
Movie poster for Barefoot in the Park

Barefoot in the Park

Director: Gene Saks
Writer: Neil Simon
Actor: Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Charles Boyer, Mildred Natwick
Screenplay: PN1997 .B248 1966a
Summary: A comedy about a young newlywed couple in New York and the difficulties that they encounter in adjusting to marriage and life together in a fifth-floor walk-up apartment.
Movie poster for Barfly


Director: Barbet Schroeder
Writer: Charles Bukowski
Actor: Mickey Rourke, Faye Dunaway, Alice Krige, J.C. Quinn, Frank Stallone
Summary: Henry Chinaski leads the life of a barfly, living on the edge to escape the boredom of conformity. Unlike the average drunk he spouts philosophy, quotes Tolstoy and writes gifted and prolific poetry. Between brawling and drinking he meets Wanda Wilcox who shares his outlook on life. A quasi-autobiography of Charles Bukowski.
Movie poster for The Barkleys of Broadway

The Barkleys of Broadway

Director: Charles Walters
Writer: Betty Comden, Adolph Green
Actor: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Oscar Levant, Billie Burke, Jacques Francois, Gale Robbins
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: In their first film together in a decade, Fred and Ginger moved to MGM to play a bickering show biz couple.
Movie poster for Beach Party

Beach Party

Director: William Asher
Writer: Lou Rusoff, William Asher, Robert Dillon
Actor: Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Bob Cummings, Harvey Lembeck
Summary: Throw on your Hawaiian shirt and light the tiki torches for the first "Beach" flick starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. It's summer vacation and the duo, along with their beach-bum pals, celebrate by hitting the waves and dancing to the tunes of Dick Dale and his Del-Tones. But an anthropologist (Bob Cummings) studying the teens' mating rituals and a bungling biker (Harvey Lembeck) who abducts Annette threaten the kids' fun in the sun.
Movie poster for Beautiful Thing

Beautiful Thing

Director: Hettie Macdonald
Writer: Jonathan Harvey
Actor: Linda Henry, Glen Berry, Scott Neal, Tameka Empson, Ben Daniels
Summary: Set in London's lower class suburbs, this is the story of a teenager who has discovered that he's gay and his love for another teenager who lives next door.
Movie poster for Bedazzled


Director: Stanley Donen
Writer: Peter Cook
Actor: Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Eleanor Bron, Raquel Welch
Summary: A lovestruck young man sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for seven wishes, with unexpected consequences.
Movie poster for Before Midnight

Before Midnight

Director: Richard Linklater
Writer: Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke
Actor: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Prior, Charlotte Prior, Xenia Kalogeropoulou, Walter Lassally, Ariane Labed, Yannis Papadopoulos, Athina Rachel Tsangari, Panos Koronis
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .B436 2013
Summary: Jesse and Celine first met in their twenties, as seen in Before Sunrise, reunited in their thirties in Before Sunset and, now they face the past, present and future, family, romance and love. Now on a writer's retreat in Greece, the couple looks for a night of passion, but instead their idyllic night turns into a test of their relationship and a discussion of what the future holds for them.
Movie poster for Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise

Director: Richard Linklater
Writer: Richard Linklater, Kim Krizan
Actor: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy
Screenplay: PN1997 .B355 1993, PN1997.A1 L56 2005
Summary: A young American man meets a beautiful French student on a train bound for Paris, falls in love and asks her to share his last night in Vienna.
Movie poster for Before Sunset

Before Sunset

Director: Richard Linklater
Writer: Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke
Actor: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Vernon Dobtcheff, Louise Lemoine Torres, Rudolphe Pauly, Mariane Plasteig
Screenplay: PN1997.A1 L56 2005
Summary: Two strangers met by chance, spent a night together in Vienna, and parted before sunrise. Nine years later, Jesse has written a book about the encounter. During his accelerated European book tour, he meets up with Celine in Paris. Before Jesse's flight home, he joins Celine for a picturesque walk around the city and they have an intimate conversation, ending at Celine's apartment. Will they get the chance to fall in love all over again?
Movie poster for Belle de Jour

Belle de Jour

Director: Luis Bunuel
Writer: Luis Bunuel, Jean-Claude Carriere
Actor: Catherine Deneuve, Jean Sorel, Michel Piccoli, Genevive Page, Pierre Clementi, Françoise Fabian, Macha Meril, Francisco Rabal, Georges Marchal, Francis Blanche
Screenplay: PN1997 .B36313 1971
Summary: Severine is a repressed, bored housewife, afraid of intimacy. Her husband, Pierre is kind, devoted, and understanding. Severine is aroused by the idea of domination and debasement, and gentle Pierre is hardly the type of person who would treat her cruelly in order to receive sexual gratification. Following the example of an acquaintance, she begins a double life as the girl called Belle de Jour, in the brothel run by Madame Anais. Her otherwise placid domestic life is threatened when an obsessed client, unable to possess her completely, begins to stalk her.
Movie poster for Bells Are Ringing

Bells Are Ringing

Director: Vincente Minnelli
Writer: Betty Comden, Adolph Green
Actor: Dean Martin, Judy Holliday, Fred Clark, Eddie Foy, Jean Stapleton, Ruth Storey, Dort Clark, Frank Gorshin
Summary: A switchboard operator gets caught up in the personal lives of the clients of an answering service, including that of a playboy.
Movie poster for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Director: Colin Higgins
Writer: Larry L. King, Peter Masterson, Colin Higgins
Actor: Burt Reynolds, Dolly Parton, Dom DeLuise, Charles Durning, Jim Nabors
Summary: A sheriff and a proprietess join together not only in romance, but to fight a big city TV crusader in his efforts to expose the Chicken Ranch to public scandal, and thus close it down.
Movie poster for The Best of Everything

The Best of Everything

Director: Jean Negulesco
Writer: Edith Sommer, Mann Rubin
Actor: Hope Lange, Stephen Boyd, Suzy Parker, Martha Hyer, Diane Baker, Brian Aherne, Robert Evans, Louis Jourdan, Joan Crawford
Summary: Four typists at a publishing company fight to have their own careers and find true love in the ruthless New York business world.
Movie poster for The Best Years of Our Lives

The Best Years of Our Lives

Director: William Wyler
Writer: Robert E. Sherwood
Actor: Myrna Loy, Fredric March, Dana Andrews, Teresa Wright, Virginia Mayo, Cathy O'Donnell, Hoagy Carmichael, Gladys George, Harold Russell, Roman Bohnen, Ray Collins, Victor Cutler
Screenplay: PN1997 .B419 1946
Summary: Recounts the problems faced by three returning veterans of WWII as they attempt to pick up the threads of their lives. Captain Derry is returning to a loveless marriage, Sergeant Stephenson is a stranger to a family that's grown up without him, and sailor Parrish is tormented by the loss of his hands.
Movie poster for Big


Director: Penny Marshall
Writer: Gary Ross, Anne Spielberg
Actor: Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia, John Heard
Screenplay: PN1997 .B423 1987
Summary: A twelve-year-old boy wishes to be bigger, and overnight becomes a thirty-five-year-old man, only to discover that perhaps being a child is not so bad after all.
Movie poster for Bikini Beach

Bikini Beach

Director: William Asher
Writer: William Asher, Robert Dillon, Leo Townsend
Actor: Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello
Summary: A millionaire sets out to prove his theory that his pet chimpanzee is as intelligent as the teenagers who hang out on the local beach, where he is intending to build a retirement home.
Movie poster for Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Director: King Vidor
Writer: Wells Root, Leonard Praskins
Actor: Dolores Del Rio, Joel McCrea, John Halliday, Richard Gallagher, Bert Roach, Creighton Chaney, Wade Boteler, Arnold Gray, Reginald Simpson, Napoleon Pukui, Agostino Borgato
Summary: A tale of South Seas romance in which an adventurer falls in love with a native girl.
Movie poster for The Bishop's Wife

The Bishop's Wife

Director: Henry Koster
Writer: Leonardo Bercovici, Robert E. Sherwood
Actor: Cary Grant, Loretta Young, David Niven
Screenplay: PN1997 .B568 1947
Summary: The neglected wife of a bishop gets some help with her marriage from a handsome angel.
Movie poster for Blonde Venus

Blonde Venus

Director: Josef Von Sternberg
Writer: Jules Furthman, S.K. Lauren
Actor: Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall, Cary Grant, Dickie Moore, Gene Morgan, Rita La Roy, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Sidney Toler, Morgan Wallace
Summary: An aspiring young actress gives up the stage to marry a scientist who becomes afflicted with radium poisoning. She returns to cabaret life and meets a wealthy playboy who gives her the money for her husband's treatment.
Movie poster for Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine

Director: Derek Cianfrance
Writer: Derek Cianfra
Actor: Michelle Williams, Ryan Gosling, Faith Wladyka, John Doman, Mike Vogel
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .B58 2010
Summary: An honest, moving and uninhibited love story. The uncompromising portrait of Dean and Cindy, a young married couple who have grown apart, taking one night away from their daughter to try to save their relationship. Highlighted by provocative scenes alternately intimate and intense, the film captured audiences and critics alike.
Movie poster for Blume in Love

Blume in Love

Director: Paul Mazursky
Writer: Paul Mazursky
Actor: George Segal, Susan Anspach, Kris Kristofferson, Shelley Winters, Marsha Mason
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: A Beverly Hills lawyer discovers he's madly in love with his ex-wife and frantically tries to undo the damage he has done to their relationship.
Movie poster for Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice

Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice

Director: Paul Mazursky
Writer: Paul Mazursky, Larry Tucker
Actor: Natalie Wood, Robert Culp, Elliott Gould, Dyan Cannon
Summary: Bob (Robert Culp) and Carol (Natalie Wood) are a sophisticated California couple who, after attending a free-thinking group retreat, decide to push the boundaries of their marriage by experimenting with outside affairs. Ted (Elliott Gould) and Alice (Dyan Cannon) are a more traditional couple who always enjoy hearing about the provocative adventures of there best friends until they are invited to join them - in bed!.
Movie poster for Born to Dance

Born to Dance

Director: Roy Del Ruth
Writer: Jack McGowan, Sid Silvers
Actor: Eleanor Powell, James Stewart, Virginia Bruce, Una Merkel, Sid Silvers, Frances Langford, Raymond Walburn, Alan Dinehart, Buddy Ebsen
Summary: A break-a-leg tale of an understudy turned Broadway star.
Movie poster for Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday

Director: George Cukor
Writer: Albert Mannheimer
Actor: Judy Holliday, William Holden, Broderick Crawford
Screenplay: PN1997 .B7 1950
Summary: A corrupt millionaire junk dealer, embarrassed by his girlfriend's lack of social sophistication, arranges to have her trained in a crash course in 'culture.' He is surprised and outraged when after becoming aware of her role as pawn in his crooked business deals, she refuses to cooperate.
Movie poster for Boxing Helena

Boxing Helena

Director: Jennifer Lynch
Writer: Jennifer Lynch
Actor: Julian Sands, Sherilyn Fenn, Bill Paxton, Art Garfunkel, Betsy Clark, Nicolette Scorsese, Meg Register, Kurtwood Smith
Screenplay: PN1997 .B7218 1990
Summary: A surgeon is obsessed with a woman who scorns his advances. After a car strikes her and runs over her legs, the surgeon imprisons her in his home and amputates her limbs in a twisted attempt to make her love him.
Movie poster for Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Boyfriends and Girlfriends

L'Ami de mon amie

Director: Eric Rohmer
Writer: Eric Rohmer
Summary: Set outside Paris, the film follows the lives and loves of two very different young women.
Movie poster for The Brave Hearted Will Take Away the Bride

The Brave Hearted Will Take Away the Bride

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Director: Aditya Chopra
Writer: Aditya Chopra, Javed Siddiqui
Actor: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Amrish Puri, Farida Jalal, Satish Shah, Anupam Kher
Summary: Raj and Simran are second generation British Asians who meet one summer riding Eurail with their friends. They fall in love, but Simran's traditional father already has arranged for her to marry the son of an old friend from India.
Movie poster for Bread and Tulips

Bread and Tulips

Pane e tulipani

Director: Silvio Soldini
Writer: Doriana Leondeff, Silvio Soldini
Actor: Licia Maglietta, Bruno Ganz, Giuseppe Battiston, Antonio Catania, Marina Massironi, Vitalba Andrea, Daniela Piperno, Tatiana Lepore, Felice Andrecsi
Summary: When a harried housewife is accidentally left behind while on vacation with her family, she decides to take a holiday of her own in Venice. She becomes charmed by the city and her newfound freedom. She decides to extend her stay, finding a job in a flower shop, renting a room from a wistful waiter, and rediscovers her love for playing the accordion. But her solo journey does not sit well with her tyrannical husband, who hires an amateur detective to bring her back home.
Movie poster for Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering

Director: Anthony Minghella
Writer: Anthony Minghella
Actor: Jude Law, Juliette Binoche, Robin Wright
Summary: Will and Sandy are two architects working on a major urban renewal project in the King's Cross section of London. The area is unsafe and not ready for such a project and is best known as a place to pick up prostitutes or buy drugs. Will and Sandy move their offices into a nearby vacant warehouse. Will and his girlfriend Liv have to deal with her behaviorally challenged thirteen year old daughter. At the same time Will has to deal with constant burglaries at his new office. One night, he spots Miro trying to break into the building. He chases Miro to his run down apartment block and watches as he returns home to his mother, Amira. Soon, Will 'meets' Amira and they begin an affair. Amira quickly learns that Will holds the key to her son's future.
Movie poster for The Bride

The Bride

Director: Franc Roddam
Writer: Lloyd Fonvielle
Actor: Sting, Jennifer Beals, Geraldine Page, Clancy Brown, Anthony Higgins
Screenplay: PN1997 .B75893 1984
Summary: Remake of the Bride of Frankenstein, with a twist. This time the bride is beautiful and intelligent, and the doctor might be falling in love with her.
Movie poster for Bride By Mistake

Bride By Mistake

Director: Richard Wallace
Writer: Henry Ephron, Phoebe Ephron
Actor: Alan Marshal, Laraine Day, Marsha Hunt, Allyn Joslyn, Edgar Buchanan
Summary: Her name is Nora Hunter (Laraine Day), but call her Sylvia. Wartime shipbuilding magnate Nora poses as her secretary Sylvia to ward off newshounds and marriage-minded fortune hunters. Meanwhile, the secretary poses as Nora to attend all ship christenings and public functions. But when a handsome airman (Alan Marshal) catches the real Nora's interest, the charade begins to crack. Bride by Mistake boasts a notable romantic comedy pedigree. It's a remake of The Richest Girl in the World by Norman Krasna (his other credits include Bachelor Mother), and it's the first screenplay by Phoebe and Henry Ephron of Daddy Long Legs and Desk Set fame. The Ephrons' daughters - Nora, Delia and Amy - would all have careers in film and TV.
Movie poster for The Bride Comes Home

The Bride Comes Home

Director: Wesley Ruggles
Writer: Claude Binyon
Actor: Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray
Summary: A penniless socialite is hired by two young men as a front in their plan to start a magazine. Soon, however, they find themselves more interested in her than in their publishing venture.
Movie poster for Bridesmaids


Director: Paul Feig
Writer: Annie Mumolo, Kristen Wiig
Actor: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Chris O'Dowd, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Ellie Kemper, Jill Clayburgh, Matt Lucas, Rebel Wilson, Michael Hitchcock
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .B74 2009
Summary: Annie's life is a mess. But when she finds out her lifetime best friend is engaged, she simply must serve as Lillian's maid of honor. Though lovelorn and broke, Annie bluffs her way through the expensive and bizarre rituals. With one chance to get it perfect, she'll show Lillian and her bridesmaids just how far you'll go for someone you love.
Movie poster for Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter

Director: David Lean
Writer: Noel Coward, Anthony Havelock-Allan, David Lean, Ronald Neame
Actor: Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard, Stanley Holloway, Joyce Carey, Cyril Raymond, Everly Gregg, Marjorie Mars, Margaret Barton
Screenplay: PN1997 .B7595 1984
Summary: Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson star as middle-class suburbanites whose casual friendship evolves into a passionate yearning for each other. But as their affections grow stronger, they must face a difficult decision that will affect both of their lives forever.
Movie poster for Brigadoon


Director: Vincente Minnelli
Writer: Alan Jay Lerner
Actor: Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, Cyd Charisse, Elaine Stewart, Barry Jones, Albert Sharpe, Hugh Laing, Virginia Bosler, Jimmy Thompson, Dody Heath
Summary: Two vacationing Americans stumble upon a Scottish village which comes to life for only one day every 100 years. One of the men falls in love with a townswoman, and has to decide where his heart lies.
Movie poster for Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby

Director: Howard Hawks
Writer: Dudley Nichols, Hagar Wilde
Actor: Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Charlie Ruggles, Walter Catlett, Barry Fitzgerald, May Robson, Fritz Feld, Leona Roberts, George Irvine, Tala Birell, Virginia Walker, John Kelly
Summary: A scatterbrained heiress uses her pet leopard, Baby, to attract the attention of a stuffy paleontologist.
Movie poster for British Agent

British Agent

Director: Michael Curtiz
Writer: Laird Doyle
Actor: Leslie Howard, Kay Francis, William Gargan, Phillip Reed, Irving Pichel, Ivan Simpson, Halliwell Hobbes, J. Carroll Naish, Walter Byron, Cesar Romero
Summary: It is 1917 and the Russian Revolution is sweeping the country. Elena has dedicated her life to the Cause as personified by Lenin. But during a street riot her life is saved by Stephen Locke an unofficial diplomatic agent for England. The two, although dedicated to opposing causes, fall for each other. But Elena learns that Locke is wanted by the secret police for his revolutionary activities and she is ordered to obtain evidence of Locke's scheming.
Movie poster for Broadway Melody of 1936

Broadway Melody of 1936

Director: Roy Del Ruth
Writer: Harry W. Conn, Moss Hart, Jack McGowan, Sid Silvers
Actor: Jack Benny, Eleanor Powell, Robert Taylor
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: Lovely, gifted Irene Foster hopes that her childhood sweetheart-turned Broadway producer Robert Gordon will recognize her--and her talent. Gordon is too busy sparring with a dirt-dishing gossip columnist to notice, but his wisecracking, heart-of-gold secretary certainly does. She and Irene must use their wits to show him what he's missing!
Movie poster for Broadway Melody of 1940

Broadway Melody of 1940

Director: Norman Taurog
Writer: Leon Gordon, George Oppenheimer
Actor: Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell, George Murphy, Frank Morgan, Ian Hunter, Florence Rice, Lynne Carver
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: A backstage yarn about two hoofers, Johnny Brett and King Shaw, who are an ambitious dance team working in a dance hall for little or nothing. A mistake in names shoots King instead of Johnny into the lead of a Broadway musical. On opening night King is unable to perform due to intoxication, and Johnny is forced to perform to save his partner's reputation. The show's producers realize their mistake in identity and all is resolved.
Movie poster for Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain

Director: Ang Lee
Writer: Larry McMurtry, Diana Ossana
Actor: Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Linda Cardellini, Anna Faris, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams, Randy Quaid
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .B75 2005, PN1997.2 .B75 2003, PN1997.2 .B75 2006
Summary: It's 1963, a time in the United States when life was simple, straightforward and the lines between the sexes and sex roles were crisply drawn and severely delineated. Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist find themselves thrown together when they are hired to tend sheep in the remote area of Brokeback Mountain, Wyoming. Because of the job, the two are forced to spend many hours together alone in the wild. Ennis and Jack are inexorably drawn to each other through their proximity, loneliness and through a shared lack of tenderness and emotion in their lives and are emotionally, physically and psychically bonded to each other almost from the start.
Movie poster for The Brute

The Brute

El Bruto

Director: Luis Bunuel
Writer: Luis Alcoriza, Luis Bunuel
Actor: Pedro Armendaariz, Katy Jurado, Andraes Soler, Rosita Arenas
Summary: A slow-witted but strong slaughterhouse worker who is hired by a slumlord to break a tenant strike accidentally kills one of the strike leaders. He is then drawn into a doomed affair with the landlord's wife.
Movie poster for Buccaneer's Girl

Buccaneer's Girl

Director: Frederick De Cordova
Writer: Harold Shumate, Joseph Hoffman
Actor: Yvonne De Carlo, Philip Friend, Robert Douglas, Elsa Lanchester, Andrea King
Summary: In Buccaneer's Girl, a showgirl falls for an aristocrat, only to learn he's a pirate.
Movie poster for Bull Durham

Bull Durham

Director: Ron Shelton
Writer: Ron Shelton
Actor: Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Trey Wilson, Robert Wuhl, William O'Leary, David Neidorf, Danny Gans, Tom Silardi, Jenny Robertson, Rick Marzan, George Buck, Lloyd Williams, Max Patkin
Screenplay: PN1997 .B79 1987
Summary: Catcher Crash Davis is closing in on a dubious record: all-time home run leader for the minor leagues. Trying to continue his career in a very unforgiving sport, Davis finds his contract bought out, and he is sent to the Durham Bulls.
Movie poster for Butterflies Are Free

Butterflies Are Free

Director: Milton Katselas
Writer: Leonard Gershe
Actor: Goldie Hawn, Eileen Heckart, Edward Albert
Summary: Don Baker is a blind young man who is determined to make a life for himself despite his handicap. He becomes involved with his next-door neighbor Jill and their relationship is threatened by his mother's intrusions and by Jill's life-style.
Movie poster for Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower

Director: Gene Saks
Writer: I.A.L. Diamond
Actor: Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman, Goldie Hawn, Jack Weston, Rick Lenz, Vito Scotti, Irene Hervey
Summary: Julian Winston, an easy-going bachelor dentist whose delicately balanced scheme crumbles under some unexpected circumstances. Winston strings along his dizzy blonde mistress, Toni by telling her that he has a wife and children. He learns that Toni has tried to commit suicide over him, so he promises to marry her. Toni, refusing to be a home-wrecker, insists on first meeting Winston's wife. He convinces his nurse Stephanie to pose as his wife.
Movie poster for Caesar and Cleopatra

Caesar and Cleopatra

Director: Gabriel Pascal
Writer: George Bernard Shaw
Actor: Vivien Leigh, Claude Rains, Stewart Granger, Flora Robson
Screenplay: PN1997.A1 S44 1980
Summary: Cleopatra hasn't been on the throne of the pharoahs of Egypt very long when Julius Caesar pays a visit. Caesar finds the prospect of romance more tempting than he expected, since Cleopatra is a rare woman who is bright as well as beautiful. And for Cleopatra, a friendly relationship with the most powerful man in the world may pay dividends in the future.
Movie poster for Caligula


Director: Tinto Brass
Writer: Gore Vidal
Actor: Malcolm McDowell, Teresa Ann Savoy, Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud
Summary: ... movie is Caligula, the epic story of Rome's mad Emperor. All the details of his cruel, bizarre reign are revealed right here: His marriage to Rome's most infamous prostitute, his fiendishly inventive means of disposing those who would oppose him, and more.
Movie poster for Camelot


Director: Joshua Logan
Writer: Alan Jay Lerner
Actor: Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave, Franco Nero, David Hemmings, Lionel Jeffries, Laurence Naismith
Summary: A musical interpretation of the legend of King Arthur.
Movie poster for Can-Can


Writer: Dorothy Kingsley, Charles Lederer
Actor: Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Maurice Chevalier, Louis Jourdan, Juliet Prowse, Marcel Dalio, Leon Belasco
Summary: The owner of Montmartre's most notorious nightspot, the Cafe Le Bal Du Paradis, Simone Pistache spends a great deal of her time in court, thanks to the banning of that "lewd and lascivious" dance, the Can-Can.
Movie poster for Caprice


Director: Frank Tashlin
Writer: Jay Jayson, Frank Tash
Actor: Doris Day, Richard Harris, Ray Walson, Jack Kruschen, Edward Mulhare, Lilia Skala, Irene Tsu, Larry D. Mann, Maurice Marsac, Michael Romanoff, Lisa Seagram, Michael J. Pollard
Summary: A woman who is a spy for a cosmetics company finds more than she bargained for when she crosses paths with another spy in the pursuit of a hairspray that keeps women's hair dry in the water.
Movie poster for Carefree


Director: Mark Sandrich
Writer: Allan Scott, Ernest Pagano
Actor: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Ralph Bellamy, Luella Gear, Jack Carson, Clarence Kolb, Franklin Pangborn
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: She's afraid of marriage--can he help? With the forever magic of Irving Berlin's romantic Change Partners, the dance craze of The Yam and more, the answer is delightfully Yes!
Movie poster for Carnal Knowledge

Carnal Knowledge

Director: Mike Nichols
Writer: Jules Feiffer
Actor: Jack Nicholson, Candice Bergen, Arthur Garfunkel, Ann-Margret, Rita Moreno, Cynthia O'Neal, Carol Kane
Screenplay: PN1997 .C3486
Summary: Examines the sexual triumphs and disasters of two American men as it traces their lives from college days to middle age.
Movie poster for Carousel


Director: Henry King
Writer: Phoebe Ephron, Henry Ephron
Actor: Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, Cameron Mitchell, Barbara Ruick, Claramae Turner, Robert Rounseville, Gene Lockhart, Audrey Christie, Susan Luckey, William LeMassena, John Dehner, Jacques D'Amboise
Summary: Billy Bigelow , a smooth-talking carny man, falls in love with a millworker. Tragedy strikes these star-crossed lovers and their journey is not easy.
Movie poster for Carrie (1951)

Carrie (1951)

Director: William Wyler
Writer: Ruth Goetz, Augustus Goetz
Actor: Laurence Olivier, Jennifer Jones, Miriam Hopkins, Eddie Albert, Basil Ruysdael, Ray Teal, Barry Kelley, Sara Berner, William Regnolds
Summary: A beautiful young woman leaves her family in a small rural town and heads to Chicago, where she becomes romantically involved with a commitment-shy salesman and a married restaurant manager. This is the extended version, containing one deleted scene (scene 16: 'Destitute', 3 min.).
Movie poster for Casino Royale (1967-Box-Set)

Casino Royale (1967-Box-Set)

Director: Ken Hughes, John Huston, Joseph McGrath, Robert Parrish, Val Guest, Richard Talmadge
Writer: Wolf Mankowitz, John Law, Michael Sayers
Actor: Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, David Niven
Summary: In an early spy spoof, aging Sir James Bond comes out of retirement to take on SMERSH.
Movie poster for Cesar


Director: Marcel Pagnol
Writer: Marcel Pagnol
Actor: Raimu, Pierre Fresnay, Orane Demazis, Fernand Charpin
Summary: Honoré Panisse is dying, cheerfully, with friends, wife, and son at his side. He confesses to the priest in front of his friends; he insists that the doctor be truthful. But, he cannot bring himself to tell his son Cesariot that his real father is Marius, the absent son of César, Cesariot's godfather. Panisse leaves that to Fanny, the lad's mother. Dissembling that he's off to see a friend, Cesariot then seeks Marius, now a mechanic in Toulon. Posing as a journalist, Cesariot spends time with Marius and leaves believing tales he is a petty thief. Only after the truth comes out can Marius, Fanny, César, and Cesariot step beyond the falsehoods, benign though they may be.
Movie poster for Charade (1963-Letterboxed-Edition)

Charade (1963-Letterboxed-Edition)

Director: Stanley Donen
Writer: Peter Stone, Mark Behm
Actor: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, James Coburn
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: Comedy-mystery set in Paris about a young widow who, with the help of a handsome stranger, is trying to find the fortune her dead husband secreted away while being pursued by a trio of thugs.
Movie poster for Charade (1963-Widescreen-Collecter's-Edition)

Charade (1963-Widescreen-Collecter's-Edition)

Director: Stanley Donen
Writer: Peter Stone, Mark Behm
Actor: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, James Coburn, George Kennedy, Ned Glass, Dominique Minot
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: Charade (1963) is comedy-mystery set in Paris about a young widow who, with the help of a handsome stranger, is trying to find the fortune her dead husband secreted away while being pursued by a trio of thugs.
Movie poster for Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy

Director: Kevin Smith
Writer: Kevin Smith
Actor: Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, Jason Lee, Dwight Ewell, Jason Mewes
Screenplay: PN1997 .C397 1995a
Summary: Holden thinks Alyssa is the woman of his dreams but she has someone a little different in mind--another woman. They share the kind of relationship they've been looking for all along and discover the confusing ups and downs of love, sex and friendship in the '90s.
Movie poster for Children of a Lesser God

Children of a Lesser God

Director: Randa Haines
Writer: Hesper Anderson, Mark Medoff
Actor: William Hurt, Marlee Matlin, Piper Laurie, Philip Bosco, William D. Byrd, Frank Carter, John F. Cleary, Georgia Ann Cline
Summary: A love story about John Leeds, an idealistic special education teacher, and a headstrong deaf girl named Sarah. At first, Leeds sees Sarah as a teaching challenge. But soon their relationship blossoms into a love so passionate it shatters the barrier of silence that keeps them apart.
Movie poster for Children of Paradise

Children of Paradise

Les Enfants du Paradis

Director: Marcel Carne
Writer: Jacques Prevert
Actor: Arletty, Jean-Louis Barrault, Pierre Brasseur, Marcel Herrand, Pierre Renoir, Maria Casars, Louis Salou
Summary: Drama about the theater and the individuals that made the stage their life. Includes the love story of four men for one woman.
Movie poster for Chocolat


Director: Lasse Hallstrom
Writer: Robert Nelson Jacobs
Actor: Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, Alfred Molina, Lena Olin, Johnny Depp, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugh O'Conor, John Wood, Peter Stormare, Victoire Thivisol, Aurelien Parent Koenig, Ron Cook, Elisabeth Commelin, Leslie Caron
Screenplay: PN1997 .C458 2000a, PN1997 .C4646 2000
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a quiet little village in the French countryside, whose people believed in Tranquilite - Tranquility. If you lived in this village, you understood what was expected of you. You knew your place in the scheme of things. And if you happened to forget, someone would help remind you. In this village, if you saw something you weren't supposed to see, you learned to look the other way. If perchance your hopes had been disappointed, you learned never to ask for more. So through good times and bad, famine and feast, the villagers held fast to their traditions. Until, one winter day, a sly wind blew in from the North.
Movie poster for Christmas in Connecticut

Christmas in Connecticut

Director: Peter Godfrey
Writer: Lionel Houser, Adele Comandini
Actor: Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, Sydney Greenstreet, Reginald Gardiner, S.Z. Sakall, Robert Shayne
Summary: A famous food writer lies about living on a farm, raising her children and being a good cook. In reality she is an unmarried New Yorker who can't boil an egg. When her editor says she will spend Christmas with a heroic sailor, her job is on the line.
Movie poster for Cinderella (1957)

Cinderella (1957)

Director: Ralph Nelson
Writer: Oscar Hammerstein, II
Actor: Julie Andrews, Howard Lindsay, Dorothy Stickney, Ilka Chase, Kaye Ballard, Alice Ghostley, Edie Adams, Jon Cypher, Robert Penn
Summary: The beautiful and young Cinderella finds her life of drudgery at the hands of her stepmother and two wicked stepsisters changed forever in one evening, thanks to a fairy godmother and a handsome prince.
Movie poster for Cinderella (1965)

Cinderella (1965)

Director: Charles S. Dubin
Writer: Joseph Schrank
Actor: Ginger Rogers, Walter Pidgeon, Celeste Holm, Jo Van Fleet, Stuart Damon, Lesley Ann Warren
Summary: Cinderella comes to life in this enchanting version of the most beloved fairy tale.
Movie poster for Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore
Writer: Giuseppe Tornatore
Actor: Philippe Noiret, Jacques Perrin, Antonella Attili, Pupella Maggio, Salvatore Cascio
Summary: A filmmaker returns to his Sicilian hometown for the first time in 30 years and looks back on his life.
Movie poster for City Lights

City Lights

Director: Charles Chaplin
Writer: Charles Chaplin
Actor: Charles Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Florence Lee, Harry Myers, Allan Garcia, Hank Mann
Summary: A tramp wins the love of a blind flower girl and attempts to obtain money from a millionaire to help her regain her sight.
Movie poster for Cleopatra


Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Writer: Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Ranald MacDougall, Sidney Buchman
Actor: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison, Pamela Brown, George Cole, Hume Cronyn, Cesare Danova, Kenneth Haigh, Andrew Keir, Martin Landau, Roddy McDowall, Robert Stephens
Summary: Taylor stars as the ambitious queen of Egypt whose involvement with Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar led to her eventual downfall and suicide.
Movie poster for The Clock

The Clock

Director: Vincente Minnelli
Writer: Robert Nathan, Joseph Schrank
Actor: Judy Garland, Robert Walker, James Gleason, Keenan Wynn, Marshall Thompson
Summary: A soldier on a two-day pass meets an office worker who agrees to show him New York City. They spend the day together and find themselves falling in love.
Movie poster for Cold Comfort Farm

Cold Comfort Farm

Director: John Schlesinger
Writer: Malcolm Bradbury
Actor: Eileen Atkins, Kate Beckinsale, Sheila Burrell, Stephen Fry, Freddie Jones, Joanna Lumley, Ian McKellen, Miriam Margolyes, Rufus Sewell
Summary: Recently orphaned, Flora ignores the sage advise of Mrs. Smiley and moves to the country to live on a decrepit farm with her eccentric relatives, where she finds ample material for the novel she wishes to write.
Movie poster for A Cold Wind in August

A Cold Wind in August

Director: Alexander Singer
Writer: Burton Wohl
Actor: Lola Albright, Scott Marlowe, Joe DeSantis, Herschel Bernardi
Summary: An older woman seduces an impressionable working-class boy who falls deeply in love with her. Disillusionment sets in when the boy descovers that she is a stripper and prostitute.
Movie poster for College (Box-Set)

College (Box-Set)

Director: James W. Horne
Writer: Bryan Foy, Carl Harbaugh
Actor: Buster Keaton, Anne Cornwall, Flora Bramley, Harold Goodwin, Snitz Edwards, Carl Harbaugh
Summary: To capture the heart of a winsome campus coed, cerebral milquetoast Ronald (Buster Keaton) vows to become a college jock. Needless to say, his floundering ineptitude leads to the agony of defeat. But when his muscle-bound rival (Harold Goodwin) snatches Ronald's sweetheart, he turns into a world-class athlete as he races to her rescue. An extended track-and-field sequence showcases Keaton's inimitable gymnastic genius.
Movie poster for College (Singleton)

College (Singleton)

Director: James W. Horne
Writer: Bryan Foy, Carl Harbaugh
Actor: Buster Keaton, Ann Cornwall, Snitz Edwards, Harold Goodwin
Summary: Keaton stars as Ronald, an idealistic freshman who attends Clayton College in pursuit of higher learning but finds himself instead embroiled in a war of athletics as he fights for the heart of his beloved coed, Mary.
Movie poster for Coming Home

Coming Home

Director: Hal Ashby
Writer: Waldo Salt, Robert C. Jones
Actor: Jane Fonda, Jon Voight, Bruce Dern, Robert Carradine, Penelope Milford, Robert Ginty
Screenplay: PN1997 .C67
Summary: A love story set against the social upheaval of the Vietnam war. While Sally's husband is serving in Vietnam, she becomes involved with a veteran of the war, a paraplegic at a San Diego veterans hospital.
Movie poster for Continental Divide

Continental Divide

Director: Michael Apted
Writer: Lawrence Kasdan
Actor: John Belushi, Blair Brown, Alan Goorwitz
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: An investigative reporter from Chicago is sent to the Rockies to seek out and interview a journalist-hating ornithologist.
Movie poster for The Cooler

The Cooler

Director: Wayne Kramer
Writer: Frank Hannah, Wayne Kramer
Actor: William H. Macy, Maria Bello, Shawn Hatosy, Ron Livingston, Estella Warren, Arthur J. Nascarella, M.C. Gainey, Paul Sorvino, Alec Baldwin
Summary: Bernie is extremely unlucky at gambling and he owes the Shangri-La casino's mob boss Shelly Kaplow over $100,000. He is so unlucky that he is hired as a 'cooler'. He gambles next to high rollers and gives them some of his bad luck to stop them from winning. This arrangement works out for awhile, but when Bernie has almost paid off his debt, he meets cocktail waitress, Natalie. The two start to fall in love and Bernie's luck begins to change. Unfortunately, Shelly isn't going to let Bernie go so easily.
Movie poster for Cousin Bette

Cousin Bette

Director: Des McAnuff
Writer: Lynn Siefert, Susan Tarr
Actor: Jessica Lange, Elisabeth Shue, Bob Hoskins, Hugh Laurie, Aden Young, Kelly MacDonald, Toby Stephens, Jefferson Mays
Summary: Compelled to live under the condescending patronage of her socially superior relatives, the Hulot family, Cousin Bette's energies are directed towards their destruction.
Movie poster for Daddy Long Legs (1955)

Daddy Long Legs (1955)

Director: Jean Negulesco
Writer: Phoebe Ephron, Henry Ephron
Actor: Fred Astaire, Leslie Caron, Terry Moore, Thelma Ritter, Fred Clark, Ray Anthony
Summary: Millionaire playboy Jervis Pendleton III becomes enamored with a young woman living in a French orphanage, and decides to anonymously sponsor her college education in America. When they finally meet face-to-face two years later, romance blossoms.
Movie poster for Daisy Kenyon

Daisy Kenyon

Director: Otto Preminger
Writer: David Hertz
Actor: Joan Crawford, Dana Andrews, Henry Fonda, Ruth Warrick, Martha Stewart, Peggy Ann Garner, Connie Marshall, Nicholas Joy, Art Baker
Summary: Daisy Kenyon is a lovelorn commercial artist caught in a romantic triangle with two men -- one she loves but cannot have and one whose love she cannot return.
Movie poster for David and Lisa

David and Lisa

Director: Frank Perry
Writer: Eleanor Perry
Actor: Keir Dullea, Janet Margolin, Howard Da Silva
Summary: Painfully shy Lisa can communicate only through rhyme, and David cannot bear being touched. They meet in a mental institution and are strongly attracted to each other. They develop a deep bond that changes both of their lives.
Movie poster for Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven

Director: Terrence Malick
Writer: Terrence Malick
Actor: Richard Gere, Brooke Adams, Sam Shepard, Linda Manz, Robert Wilke
Screenplay: PN1997 .D395 1976
Summary: In 1910, Bill, a Chicago steel worker accidentally kills his supervisor. He flees to the Texas panhandle with his lover Abby and little sister Linda, where they work harvesting wheat in the fields of a stoic farmer. When Bill learns that the Farmer is ill and has less than a year to live, he encourages Abby to accept the man's attentions. The Farmer and Abby marry, and she and her 'siblings' live in the big house, waiting for the Farmer to die, so Abby can inherit, and the three of them live happily ever after. But love seems to be a cure-all: the Farmer seems to be improving--and Abby is no longer seeing this as a marriage of convenience. From a landscape of panoramic vistas, vivid colors, and rich textures comes a timeless American idyll and a gritty evocation of turn-of-the-century labor.
Movie poster for Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea

Director: Terence Davies
Writer: Terence Davies, Terence Rattigan
Actor: Rachel Weisz, Simon Russell Beale, Tom Hiddleston, Ann Mitchell, Jolyon Coy, Karl Johnson, Harry Hadden-Paton
Summary: Hester Collyer is the wife of an upper-class judge and a free spirit trapped in a passionless marriage. Her encounter with Freddie Page, a troubled former Royal air force pilot, throws her life in turmoil, as their erotic relationship leaves her emotionally stranded and physically isolated.
Movie poster for Deliver Us from Eva

Deliver Us from Eva

Director: Gary Hardwick
Writer: James Iver Mattson, B.E. Brauner, Gary Hardwick
Actor: LL Cool J, Gabrielle Union, Duane Martin, Essence Atkins, Robinne Lee, Meagan Good, Mel Jackson, Dartanyan Edmonds, Dorian Gregory
Summary: A young woman's in-laws hire a 'player' to date her and keep her away from them. While the 'player' had just planned to make some money, he didn't plan on falling in love.
Movie poster for Desert Hearts

Desert Hearts

Director: Donna Deitch
Writer: Natalie Cooper
Actor: Helen Shaver, Patricia Charbonneau, Audra Lindley, Andra Akers, Gwen Welles, Dean Butler, Katie Labourdette, James Staley, Alex McArthur, Tyler Tyhurst, Denise Crosby, Antony Ponzini
Summary: Vivian is a repressed English professor who goes to Reno for a quickie divorce in 1959. She spends the weeks waiting for final divorce papers at a dumpy dude ranch. There she mets Cay, a beautiful young casino worker. The two develop a friendship that stirs desires in Vivian she cannot deny. Slowly their attraction deepens into bold sensuality as they develop a bond that renews their hearts--and breaks all the rules.
Movie poster for Design For Scandal

Design For Scandal

Director: Norman Taurog
Writer: Lionel Houser
Actor: Rosalind Russell, Walter Pidgeon, Edward Arnold, Lee Bowman, Jean Rogers, Mary Beth Hughes, Guy Kibbee, Barbara Jo Allen
Summary: Sherman's real intent is to put a judge in a compromising position so that his boss can blackmail her into a favorable ruling in his messy divorce case. But the soon-smitten reporter didn't count on Her Honor being quite so beautiful, smart and funny.
Movie poster for Devdas


Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Writer: Prakash Kapadia, Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Actor: Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, Jackie Shroff
Summary: The tragic story of Devdas, a wealthy young man, who is loved by two women--a courtesan and his childhood sweetheart whom his family will not accept because of differing social classes.
Movie poster for The Devil is a Woman

The Devil is a Woman

Director: Josef Von Sternberg
Writer: John Dos Passos
Actor: Marlene Dietrich, Lionel Atwill, Edward Everett Horton, Alison Skipworth, Cesar Romero, Don Alvarado, Tempe Piggott, Paco Moreno
Summary: At the turn of the century, in the port town of Seville, it's carnival week, and the blood of enemies and the passions of lovers run hot. But, none so much as those of a young revolutionary, his old friend, and the new woman who comes between them both.
Movie poster for Dil Se

Dil Se

Director: Mani Ratnam
Writer: Mani Ratnam, Sujatha, Tigmanshu Dhulia
Actor: Shahrukh Khan, Manisha Koirala, Preity Zinta, Raghuvir Yadhav, Sabyasachi Chakravarthy, Piyush Mishra
Summary: A young man meets an enigmatic girl who later seeks his help without revealing that she is part of a terrorist organization.
Movie poster for Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

Director: Ralph Levy
Writer: Milt Rosen, Richard Breen
Actor: Doris Day, Rod Taylor, Hermione Baddeley, Segio Fantoni
Summary: What's a devoted wife to do when her husband spends more time 'working' with his sexy secretary than helping her with their new home?
Movie poster for Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago

Director: David Lean
Writer: Robert Bolt
Actor: Geraldine Chaplin, Julie Christie, Tom Courtenay, Alec Guinness, Siobhan McKenna, Ralph Richardson, Omar Sharif, Rod Steiger, Rita Tushingham
Screenplay: PN1997 .D637 1965
Summary: Traces the life of surgeon-poet Yury Zhivago before and during the Russian Revolution. Married to an upper-class girl who is devoted to him, yet he finds himself in love with an unfortunate woman who becomes his muse. Zhivago becomes torn between fidelity and passion. Sympathetic with the Bolshevik revolution, but shaken by the wars and purges, he struggles to retain his individualism as a humanist amid the spirit of collectivism.
Movie poster for Don Juan DeMarco

Don Juan DeMarco

Director: Jeremy Leven
Writer: Jeremy Leven
Actor: Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, Faye Dunaway
Summary: Romantic comedy about an aging psychiatrist and his patient, a young man who claims to be the legendary lover Don Juan. The psychiatrist's relationship with his wife is renewed as a result.
Movie poster for Down Argentine Way

Down Argentine Way

Writer: Darrell Ware, Karl Tunberg
Actor: Don Ameche, Betty Grable, Carmen Miranda, Charlotte Greenwood, J. Carroll Naish, Henry Stephenson, Kay Aldridge, Leonid Kinskey, Chris-Pin Martin, Nicholas Brothers
Summary: Musical romance about Glenda, a rich New Yorker who collects fine horses and Ricardo, an Argentine rancher renowned for his prize jumpers. Their families have been feuding for years so they have to conduct a Romeo and Juliet romance.
Movie poster for Dr. T and the Women

Dr. T and the Women

Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Anne Rapp
Actor: Richard Gere, Helen Hunt, Farrah Fawcett, Laura Dern, Shelley Long, Tara Reid, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, Robert Hays
Summary: Dr. Sullivan Travis, a successful Dallas gynecologist, finds his life disrupted by the women in his life; his wife suffers a nervous breakdown, his eldest daughter plans to marry despite being a lesbian, his youngest daughter is a conspiracy freak, his secretary has unrequited feelings for him, and his sister-in-law persistantly meddles.
Movie poster for Dragonwyck


Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Writer: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Actor: Vincent Price, Gene Tierney, Walter Huston
Summary: A naive farm girl is invited to live with her dark and charming distant cousin in order to school his daughter at Dragonwyyck manor. She becomes more aware of selfishness, desire, and insanity at the manor.
Movie poster for Dream Wife

Dream Wife

Director: Sidney Sheldon
Writer: Sidney Sheldon, Herbert Baker, Alfred Lewis Levitt
Actor: Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Walter Pidgeon, Marco St. John, Eduard Franz, Buddy Baer, Les Tremayne, Bruce Bennett
Summary: Tarji is beautiful and trained from birth to anticipate her husband's every need and she is Clemson Reed's bride-to-be. So why is he whispering romantic endearments to another woman?
Movie poster for The Dreamers

The Dreamers

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci
Writer: Gilbert Adair
Actor: Michael Pitt, Eva Green, Louis Garrel, Robin Renucci, Anna Chancellor
Summary: A group of students fall in love and sleep around against the backdrop of the 1968 student riots in Paris.
Movie poster for Du Barry Was a Lady

Du Barry Was a Lady

Director: Roy Del Ruth
Writer: Irving Brecher
Actor: Red Skelton, Lucille Ball, Gene Kelly, Virginia O'Brien, Rags Ragland, Zero Mostel, Tommy Dorsey
Summary: Their friendship is a perfect musical-comedy blendship, as Ball goes from NYC torch singer to the dream girl of Red Skelton's wacky, 18th century-France reverie.
Movie poster for The Duchess

The Duchess

Director: Saul Dibb
Writer: Jeffrey Ha
Actor: Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes, Charlotte Rampling, Dominic Cooper, Hayley Atwell
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .D83 2007
Summary: Keira Knightley stars as Georgiana Spencer, a young duchess who indulges in extravagant vices and begins a scandalous affair with politician Charles Grey to compensate for her unhappy marriage to the duke of Devonshire.
Movie poster for Duel in the Sun

Duel in the Sun

Director: King Vidor
Writer: David O. Selznick
Actor: Gregory Peck, Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Lionel Barrymore, Herbert Marshall, Lillian Gish, Walter Huston, Harry Care, Otto Kruger
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: A woman taken into the home of a wealthy rancher becomes the subject of a tug-of-war between his two sons.
Movie poster for East of Eden

East of Eden

Director: Harvey Hart
Writer: Richard Shapiro
Actor: Jane Seymour, Warren Oates, Timothy Bottoms, Bruce Boxleitner, Hart Bochner, Sam Bottoms, Lloyd Bridges, Howard Duff, Anne Baxter, Karen Allen, Richard Masur, Nicholas Pryor, M. Emmet Walsh, Grace Zabriskie
Summary: Adam and Charles Trask grow up in the shadow of their father, Cyrus. Cyrus prefers Adam, inciting jealousy in his younger son. Adam is signed up for the cavalry, while Charles works on the family farm. Reuniting years later, the brothers live in peace until a beautiful woman nearly beaten to death arrives on their front porch. Adam nurses her back to health and falls blindly in love. But Cathy hides a cruel past. Adam and Cathy marry and have twin boys. Cathy soon deserts the family, showing up later as 'Kate,' the madam of an upscale brothel. Adam's sons have a relationship that mirrors his own. Adam's business venture fails and depletes the family fortune. One son seeks out his mother, who has been long assumed dead.
Movie poster for Eat Drink Man Woman

Eat Drink Man Woman

Yin Shi Nan Neu

Director: Ang Lee
Writer: Hui-Ling Wang, Ang Lee, James Schamus
Actor: Sihung Lung, Kuei-mei Yang, Chien-lien Wu, Yu-wen Wang, Winston Chao, Ah-leh Gua, Sylvia Chang
Summary: A retired master chef and widower is worried about the future of his three unmarried daughters who are skeptical about marriage. Yet he himself surprises them with his secret love affair with a young woman many years his junior.
Movie poster for An Education

An Education

Director: Lone Scherfig
Writer: Nick Hornby
Actor: Peter Sarsgaard, Alfred Molina, Rosamund Pike, Dominic Cooper, Olivia Williams, Emma Thompson, Carey Mulligan
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .E38 2009, PN1997.2 .E38 2009
Summary: In the early 1960's, 16-year-old Jenny Mellor lives with her parents in a London suburb. She is smart, pretty, and working toward her goal of being accepted into Oxford. Her life will take a big turn when she meets David, a man twice her age. Now she must decide if she will pursue an education at Oxford, or if she will choose to learn all that a charismatic older man can teach her.
Movie poster for El Cid

El Cid

Director: Anthony Mann
Writer: Fredric M. Frank, Philip Yordan
Actor: Charlton Heston, Sophia Loren, Raf Vallone, Genevieve Page, John Fraser, Gary Raymond, Hurd Hatfield, Massimo Serato, Herbert Lom
Summary: Eleventh-century Spain is divided into Christian kingdoms and Moorish strongholds. The young Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, who has been dubbed El Cid by his followers, vows to see his country at peace, free from the invader. Showing clemency to some emirs, he faces treason charges at court. His accuser, Gomez, father of his fiancee, Chimene, dies in the resulting duel. Chimene's avowed vengeance plot fails and Rodrigo is given her hand. When King Ferdinand dies, his kingdom is divided among his three children. Sancho challenges the decision and imprisons Alfonso, who is released by El Cid. Then Sancho is assassinated by an African war-lord. Alfonso now claims that throne, too, and exiles El Cid. Chimene realizes the nobility of her husband and joins him. The years pass and El Cid becomes a revered warrior, but refuses to aid Alfonso. He lays siege to Valencia, catapulting food into its starving garrison. The Valencians kill their evil ruler and offer the crown to El Cid. He sends it to Alfonso, who rushes to his side. But El Cid has been hit by a stray arrow. Attended by Chimene, he hides the wound from his men and prepares a final bid to drive the Moors from Spain.
Movie poster for Elena and Her Men

Elena and Her Men

Elena et les hommes

Director: Jean Renoir
Writer: Jean Renoir, Jean Serge
Actor: Ingrid Bergman, Jean Marais, Mel Ferrer, Jean Richard, Juliette Greco, Pierre Bertin, Dora Doll, Frederic Duvalles, Renaud Mary
Summary: Set amidst turn-of-the-century France, director Jean Renoir's delirious romantic comedy stars Ingrid Bergman as a beautiful but impoverished Polish princess who drives men -- from the upper classes to the hoi polloi -- to fits of desperate love.
Movie poster for Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk

Director: William Dieterle
Writer: John Lee Mahin
Actor: Elizabeth Taylor, Dana Andrews, Peter Finch
Summary: The young bride accompanies her husband to his plantation called Elephant Walk, and falls for the overseer. This love triangle is soon dwarfed by a cholera epidemic and a drought that brings herds of elephants to the plantation in a thundering stampede.
Movie poster for Emma (1996)

Emma (1996)

Director: Douglas McGrath
Writer: Douglas McGrath
Actor: Alan Cumming, Ewan McGregor, Gwyneth Paltrow
Summary: Emma brings to life Jane Austen's novel about a woman who makes it her goal to 'fix' the lives of all her friends while ignoring her own problems.
Movie poster for Emma (2009)

Emma (2009)

Director: Jim O'Hanlon
Writer: Sandy Welch
Actor: Romola Garai, Jonny Lee Miller, Michael Gambon, Tamsin Greig, Jodhi May, Rupert Evans
Summary: Twenty-one-year-old Emma Woodhouse loves playing matchmaker. When pretty and socially inferior Harriet arrives, Emma decides to indulge her passion. Against the advice of family friend and surrogate older brother Mr. Knightly, Emma persuades Harriet to reject a marriage proposal from a local farmer in order to hold out for an offer from the dashing Mr. Elton. But Emma soon discovers Mr. Elton's true motives and her advice to Harriet goes terribly awry'--Publisher description.
Movie poster for The End of the Affair

The End of the Affair

Director: Edward Dmytryk
Writer: Lenore Coffee
Actor: Deborah Kerr, Van Johnson, John Mills, Peter Cushing, Michael Goodliffe
Summary: In England during World War II, an American writer and the bored wife of a British civil servant fall in love, then she mysteriously ends the affair.
Movie poster for The English Patient

The English Patient

Director: Anthony Minghella
Writer: Anthony Minghella
Actor: Kristin Scott Thomas, Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Naveen Andrews
Screenplay: PN1997 .E64 1996
Summary: Based on the novel by Michael Ondaatje, a complicated WWII saga told in flashback sequences. Best Picture, Best Director-Anthony Minghella, and Best Supporting Actress-Juliette Binoche. Includes exclusive bonus material and special packaging.
Movie poster for Everyone Says I Love You

Everyone Says I Love You

Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen
Actor: Alan Alda, Woody Allen, Drew Barrymore, Goldie Hawn, Julia Roberts, Tim Roth
Summary: It's the fun-filled story of one wealthy, eccentric and romantically challenged extended family from New York's Upper West Side.
Movie poster for Evita


Director: Alan Parker
Writer: Alan Parker, Oliver Stone
Actor: Madonna, Antonio Banderas, Jonathan Pryce, Jimmy Nail
Screenplay: PN1997 .E86 1995a
Summary: True-life story of Eva Peron, who rose above childhood poverty and a scandalous past to achieve fortune and fame.
Movie poster for Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut

Director: Stanley Kubrick
Writer: Stanley Kubrick, Frederic Raphael
Actor: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Sydney Pollack, Marie Richardson, Rade Sherbedgia, Todd Field, Vinessa Shaw, Alan Cumming, Sky Dumont, Fay Masterson, Leelee Sobieski, Thomas Gibson, Madison Eginton
Screenplay: PN1997 .E96 1999
Summary: A wife's admission of unfulfilled sexual longings plunges Dr. William Harford, a New Yorker, into an erotic odyssey that could destroy his marriage and ensnare him in a lurid murder mystery.
Movie poster for Face


Director: Bertha Bay-Sa Pan
Writer: Bertha Bay-Sa Pan, Oren Moverman
Actor: Bai Ling, Kieu-Chinh, Kristy Wu, Ken Leung, Will Yun Lee, Treach
Summary: Chinese-American teenager Genie was abandoned at birth by her mother and raised by her traditional Chinese grandmother. When she falls in love with an African-American man, three generations of women must cope with cultural and familial pressures.
Movie poster for Family Honeymoon

Family Honeymoon

Director: Claude Binyon
Writer: Dane Lussier
Actor: Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray
Summary: A bachelor marries a widow and her three kids join the honeymoon.
Movie poster for Fanny


Director: Marc Allegret
Writer: Marcel Pagnol
Actor: Raimu, Pierre Fresnay, Orane Demazis, Fernand Charpin
Summary: Marius has left, signed up for a five year hitch on a ship bound for the Indian Ocean. In his few letters to his father César, he hardly mentions Fanny. When she finds she is pregnant, she considers her options: suicide, to raise the child on her own, to wait for Marius, or to marry Honoré Panisse, the older merchant who seeks her hand. These choices are emotional: to raise a bastard, to trust in Marius' eventual return, to believe he'll want to marry her, to save her mother from shame, to fool Panisse, to give her child a name. In scenes dramatizing Fanny's honesty, she talks to her mother, then Panisse, César, and later Marius, and she makes her choices.
Movie poster for The Fantasticks

The Fantasticks

Director: Michael Ritchie
Writer: Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt
Actor: Joel Grey, Barnard Hughes, Jean Louisa Kelly, Brad Sullivan, Joe McIntyre, Jonathon Morris, Teller
Summary: Two teenagers on neighboring farms steal glances and hide their romance from their feuding fathers. Little do these love-birds know, however, that their fathers are actually good friends who've hatched a plan--with the help of a mystical roving side-show and its equally mysterious ring master--to get these lovers down the aisle! But be careful what you wish for, because to bring these families together, they must first be torn apart!
Movie poster for Far and Away

Far and Away

Director: Ron Howard
Writer: Bob Dolman
Actor: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman
Screenplay: PN1997 .F364 1990a
Summary: A poor but proud Irish tenant farmer accompanies the spoiled and headstrong daughter of a wealthy landlord to America in a quest for land.
Movie poster for Far from the Madding Crowd

Far from the Madding Crowd

Director: John Schlesinger
Writer: Frederic Raphael
Actor: Julie Christie, Terence Stamp, Peter Finch, Alan Bates
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks, Emerson EBooks
Summary: Bathsheba Everdene is a willful, passionate girl who is never satisfied with anything less than a man's complete and helpless adoration. She captures the lives and loves of three very different men. Gabriel Oak is a sheep farmer who is captivated by her beauty and proposes marriage. William Boldwood is an older, prosperous man who had been a confirmed bachelor. Sergeant Frank Troy is a handsome, but reckless swordsman who's given to sudden fits of violence.
Movie poster for Flamingo Road

Flamingo Road

Director: Michael Curtiz
Writer: Robert Wilder
Actor: Joan Crawford, Zachary Scott, Sydney Greenstreet, David Brian
Summary: A tough carnival dancer is stranded in a small town and soon makes an enemy of the politically powerful, local sheriff.
Movie poster for The Flower of My Secret

The Flower of My Secret

La flor de mi secreto

Director: Pedro Almodovar
Writer: Pedro Almodovar
Actor: Juan Echanove, Carmen Elias, Marisa Paredes, Rossy de Palma
Summary: Popular romance novelist Leo (Marisa Paredes) takes a job at a newspaper under a pseudonym in this bittersweet film from Pedro Almodovar. Fed up with writing meaningless books and on the verge of splitting with her husband (Imanol Arias), Leo banishes her overwhelming depression by pretending to be Amanda Gris. She's hired by newspaperman Ángel (Juan Echanove), who's unaware of her true identity and assigns her to review her own romance novel.
Movie poster for Follow the Fleet

Follow the Fleet

Director: Mark Sandrich
Writer: Dwight Taylor, Allan Scott
Actor: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Randolph Scott, Harriet Hilliard, Astrid Allwyn
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: All hands on deck! In the fifth of 10 Astaire/Rogers pairings, Fred trades his top hat for a sailor's cap, Randolph Scott gets the girl, Ginger gets a tap solo, and viewers get the unending delight of seven sparkling Irving Berlin numbers. Ginger is a dancer whose former partner Fred has joined the Navy. He looks her up when he gets leave, bringing along his buddy, who catches the eye of Ginger's plain-jane sister.
Movie poster for For Me and My Gal

For Me and My Gal

Director: Busby Berkeley
Writer: Richard Sherman, Fred Finklehoffe, Sid Silvers
Actor: Judy Garland, George Murphy, Gene Kelly, Marta Eggerth, Ben Blue, Horace McNally
Summary: Musical comedy about a vaudeville song-and-dance team who buck tough times and World War I on their way to success in show business.
Movie poster for Forty Shades of Blue

Forty Shades of Blue

Director: Ira Sachs
Writer: Michael Rohaty
Actor: Rip Torn, Dina Korzun, Darren Burrows, Paprika Steen, Red West
Summary: A Russian woman, living a trophy-wife existence in Memphis with a rock-n-roll legend, experiences a personal awakening when her husband's handsome, estranged son comes to visit.
Movie poster for The Fountain

The Fountain

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Writer: Darren Aronofsky
Actor: Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, Ellen Burstyn, Mark Margolis, Donna Murphy
Screenplay: PN1997.2.F68 A76 2006
Summary: Through time and space, one man embarks on a bold 1000-year odyssey to defeat humankind's most indomitable foe: Death.
Movie poster for Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Director: Mike Newell
Writer: Richard Curtis
Actor: Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Simon Callow, Charlotte Coleman, James Fleet, John Hannah, David Bower, Corin Redgrave, Rowan Atkinson
Screenplay: PN1997 .F68 1996
Summary: A British man falls for an American woman, who he meets at the first of a long series of weddings.
Movie poster for French Cancan

French Cancan

Director: Jean Renoir
Writer: Jean Renoir, Andre-Paul Antoine
Actor: Jean Gabin, Francoise Arnoul, Maria Felix, Anna Amendola, Jean-Roger Caussimon, Dora Doll, Giani Esposito
Summary: Nineteenth century Paris comes vibrantly alive in director Jean Renoir's exhilarating tale of the opening of the world-renowned Moulin Rouge. Jean Gabin plays the wily impresario Danglard, who makes the can-can all the rage while juggling the love of two beautiful women -- an Egyptian belly-dancer and a naïve working girl turned can-can star. This celebration of life, art and the City of Light includes a rare cameo by Edith Piaf.
Movie poster for Frida


Director: Julie Taymor
Writer: Clancy Sigal, Diane Lake, Gregory Nava, Anna Thomas
Actor: Salma Hayek, Alfred Molina, Valeria Golino, Mia Maestro, Roger Rees, Diego Luna, Geoffrey Rush, Ashley Judd, Antonio Banderas
Screenplay: PN1997 .F75 F75 2002
Summary: The life of artist Frida Kahlo, from her humble upbringing to her worldwide fame and controversy that surrounded both her and her husband, Diego Rivera.
Movie poster for From Here to Eternity

From Here to Eternity

Director: Fred Zinnemann
Writer: Daniel Taradash
Actor: Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Donna Reed, Frank Sinatra, Philip Ober, Mickey Shaughnessy, Harry Bellaver, Ernest Borgnine, Jack Warden, John Dennis, Merle Travis, Tim Ryan, Arthur Keegan, Barbara Morrison, George Reeves
Screenplay: PN1997 .F765 1952, Emerson Ebooks, Emerson EBooks
Summary: At an Army base in 1941 Hawaii, the lives of enlisted men and officers are troubled by spiteful commanders, sadistic military police, and forbidden love. Includes actual scenes of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
Movie poster for Full Moon in Paris

Full Moon in Paris

Les Nuits de la pleine lune

Director: Eric Rohmer
Writer: Eric Rohmer
Summary: A young woman in Paris moves out on her lover in order to experience freedom.
Movie poster for Funny Face

Funny Face

Director: Stanley Donen
Writer: Leonard Gershe
Actor: Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, Kay Thompson, Michel Auclair, Robert Flemyng
Summary: Jo Stockton is a shy, reluctant Greenwich Village bookstore clerk who is transformed into a modeling sensation by a fashion photographer who discovers her and grooms her for stardom. Maggie Prescott is the publisher and editor of Quality magazine, who agrees that Jo has a new and fresh face. Prescott desires to have Jo for her publication's new look. Now, Jo will undergo a complete transformation, with Paris as the destination.
Movie poster for Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

Director: Steven Shainberg
Writer: Erin Cressida Wilson
Actor: Nicole Kidman, Robert Downey, Jr., Ty Burrell, Harris Yulin, Jane Alexander, Emmy Clarke, Geneiveve McCarthy, Boris McGiver, Marceline Hugot, Mary Duffy
Summary: Turning her back on her wealthy, established family, Diane Arbus falls in with Lionel Sweeney. Sweeney is an enigmatic mentor who introduces Arbus to the marginalized people who help her become one of the most revered photographers of the twentieth century. Diane's strange, new world unlocks her deepest secrets, awakens her remarkable artistic genius, and launches her path to becoming the artist she is meant to be.
Movie poster for The Gang's All Here

The Gang's All Here

Director: Busby Berkeley
Writer: Walter Bullock, Nancy Wintner, George Root, Jr., Tom Bridges
Actor: Carmen Miranda, Alice Faye, James Ellison
Summary: A soldier falls for a chorus girl and then experiences trouble when he is posted to the Pacific.
Movie poster for The Garden of Allah

The Garden of Allah

Director: Richard Boleslawski
Writer: W.P. Lipscomb, Lynn Riggs
Actor: Marlene Dietrich, Charles Boyer, Basil Rathbone, C. Aubrey Smith, Tilly Losch, Joseph Schildkraut
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: A woman decides to begin a new life after spending years caring for her father. She meets a traveler who is actually a monk who has left the monastery after taking his oath. They are married, but she soon learns of his secret.
Movie poster for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Director: Howard Hawks
Writer: Charles Lederer
Actor: Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Coburn, Elliott Reid, Tommy Noonan, George Winslow, Marcel Dalio, Taylor Holmes, Norma Varden, Howard Wendell, Steven Geray
Screenplay: PN1997 .G457 1952
Summary: Bachelorette showgirl singers Dorothy Shaw and Lorelei Lee are sailing to Paris, courtesy of Lorelei's millionaire boyfriend Gus Esmond, Jr. They're also being shadowed--thanks to Gus Sr.--by private detective Ernie Malone. Lorelei gets embroiled in a contretemps involving Sir Francis 'Piggy' Beekman, outspoken Lady Beekman, and a tiara. Dorothy, meanwhile, becomes involved in a running flirtation with the detective. All's well that ends well, but everything plays second fiddle to the snazzy costumes and in-your-face attitudes sported by the showgirls. One of Howard Hawks' biggest commercial hits, this lush, garish, cynical, yet fun-filled fortune-hunter satire is based on a 1949 Broadway musical and has a wisp of a plot, serving merely to tie together the lavish musical numbers.
Movie poster for Georgy Girl

Georgy Girl

Director: Silvo Narizzano
Writer: Margaret Forster, Peter Nichols
Actor: James Mason, Alan Bates, Lynn Redgrave, Charlotte Rampling, Bill Owen, Clare Kelly, Rachel Kempson
Summary: A homely but vivacious young woman dodges the amorous attentions of her father's middle-aged employer while striving to capture some of the glamorous life of her swinging London roommate.
Movie poster for Gigi (1949)

Gigi (1949)

Director: Jacqueline Audry
Writer: Pierre Laroche
Actor: Yvonne de Bray, Gaby Morlay, Jean Tissier, Frank Villard, Danielle Delorme
Summary: A wealthy Gaston finds out he prefers a young Parisian girl to be his wife rather than his mistress.
Movie poster for Gigi (1958)

Gigi (1958)

Director: Vincente Minnelli
Writer: Alan Jay Lerner
Actor: Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier, Louis Jourdan, Hermione Gingold, Eva Gabor, Jacques Bergerac, Isabel Jeans, John Abbott
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks, PN1997 .G523 1957
Summary: A wealthy Gaston finds out he prefers a young Parisian girl to be his wife rather than his mistress.
Movie poster for Gilda


Director: Charles Vidor
Writer: Marion Parsonnet
Actor: Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George MacReady, Joseph Calleia
Summary: Johnny Farrell goes to work for Ballin Mundson, the proprietor of an illegal gambling casino in a South American city and quickly rises to become Mundson's 'main man.' All is well until Mundson returns from a trip with his new bride, Gilda-- a woman from Johnny's past. Mundson, unaware of their previous love affair, assigns Farrell the job of keeping Gilda a faithful wife. Fraught with hatred, Gilda does her best to antagonize, intimidate, and instill jealousy in Farrell-- until circumstances allow him to get even.
Movie poster for The Gilded Lily

The Gilded Lily

Director: Wesley Ruggles
Writer: Claude Binyon
Actor: Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray
Summary: A stenographer becomes a famed entertainer, courted by an English nobleman and an informal American reporter.
Movie poster for Ginger and Cinnamon

Ginger and Cinnamon

Dillo con parole mie

Director: Daniele Luchetti
Writer: Ivan Cotroneo, Daniele Luchetti, Stefania Montorsi
Actor: Stefania Montorsi, Giampaolo Morelli, Martina Merlino, Alberto Cucca
Summary: After breaking up with her boyfriend, 30-year-old Stefania vacations on the Greek 'Isle of Love', and reluctantly agrees to chaperone her precocious 15-year-old niece, Meggy. But Stefania doesn't know that Meggy plans to lose her virginity before the summer is over, and the guy she has her eye on is none other than Stefania's ex.
Movie poster for The Girl next Door

The Girl next Door

Director: Richard Sale
Writer: Isobel Lennart
Actor: Dan Dailey, June Haver, Dennis Day, Billy Gray, Cara Williams, Natalie Schafer, Clinton Sundberg, Hayden Rorke, Mary Jane Saunders
Summary: When stage star Jeannie Laird meets her new widower neighbor, Bill Carter, love is in the air. The only problem is Carter's young son, Joe.
Movie poster for Girl on a Motorcycle

Girl on a Motorcycle

Director: Jack Cardiff
Writer: Ronald Duncan
Actor: Alain Delon, Marianne Faithfull, Roger Mutton, Marius Goring
Summary: A bored newlywed leaves her husband for her ex-lover, taking off on her Harley for a long ride through the countryside and cities of Europe. While riding, she experiences explicit erotic fantasies about her ex-lover and their affair.
Movie poster for Girl with Green Eyes

Girl with Green Eyes

Director: Desmond Davis
Writer: Edna O'Brien
Actor: Peter Finch, Rita Tushingham, Lynn Redgrave
Summary: Kate and Baba move to the big city in search of fun, excitement, and men, but then Kate falls for an older, educated man and finds herself escaping into a world she's always dreamed of.
Movie poster for Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Director: Rouben Mamoulian
Writer: Lewis Meltzer, Daniel Taradash, Sarah Y. Mason, Victor Heerman
Actor: Barbara Stanwyck, Adolphe Menjou, William Holden, Lee J. Cobb, Joseph Calleia, Sam Levene
Summary: A young and gifted violinist earns money for his education by prizefighting.
Movie poster for The Golden Coach

The Golden Coach

Le Carrosse d'or La carrozza d'oro

Director: Jean Renoir
Writer: Jean Renoir, Jack Kirkland, Renzo Avanzo, Giulio Macchi, Ginette Doynel
Actor: Anna Magnani, Odoardo Spadaro, Nada Fiorelli, Duncan Lamont, George Higgins, Ralph Truman, Gisella Mathews
Summary: Prepare for a ravishing 18th-century comic fantasy about a viceroy who receives an exquisite golden coach and gives it to the tempestuous star of a touring commedia dell'arte company. Master director Jean Renoir's sumptuous tribute to the theater (presented here in the English version he favored) is set to the music of Antonio Vivaldi and revolves around vivacious and tempestuous star Anna Magnani.
Movie poster for Golden Earrings

Golden Earrings

Director: JMitchell Leisen
Writer: Frank Butler, Helen Deutsch, Abraham Polonsky
Actor: Ray Milland, Marlene Dietrich, Murvyn Vye, Bruce Lester, Dennis Hoey, Quentin Reynolds, Reinhold Schunzel, Ivan Triesault, Hermine Sterler
Summary: A Hungarian gypsy rescues a British intelligence officer and helps him to accomplish his mission.
Movie poster for A Good Marriage

A Good Marriage

Le Beau Mariage

Director: Eric Rohmer
Writer: Eric Rohmer
Summary: An impulsive young art student decides she wants to marry a prosperous lawyer. She becomes ensnared by her increasingly obsessive scheming when he treats her with polite indifference.
Movie poster for Goodbye Columbus

Goodbye Columbus

Director: Larry Peerce
Writer: Arnold Schulman
Actor: Richard Benjamin, Ali MacGraw, Jack Klugman, Nan Martin
Summary: A poor Bronx librarian and a pampered Jewish princess cross class lines when they fall in love, despite stiff opposition from her parents. Based on the novella by Philip Roth.
Movie poster for Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Director: Herbert Ross
Writer: Terence Rattigan
Actor: Peter O'Toole, Petula Clark, Sir Michael Redgrave
Screenplay: PN1997 .G6391c 1969a
Summary: Mr. Chips is a shy and proper classics professor who teaches at an English all-boys school. He falls in love with a London dance-hall girl and decides to marry her. The couple makes Brookfield Academy for Boys its home and brightens the school with their unlikely union.
Movie poster for Goodbye, My Fancy

Goodbye, My Fancy

Director: Vincent Sherman
Writer: Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts
Actor: Joan Crawford, Robert Young, Frank Lovejoy, Eve Arden, Janice Rule, Lureen Tuttle
Summary: Journalist Agatha Reed returns to her alma mater for homecoming, although she's more interested in renewing her romance with an old flame who's now the college president. Their attempts at rekindling any sparks are thwarted by the arrival of another rival for her affections and the showing of her controversial film which could put her former beau's job in jeopardy.
Movie poster for The Graduate

The Graduate

Director: Mike Nichols
Writer: Calder Willingham, Buck Henry
Actor: Anne Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman, Katharine Ross, William Daniels, Murray Hamilton, Elizabeth Wilson, Buck Henry
Screenplay: PN1997 .G67 1967, PN1997 .G671c 1967a
Summary: Uncertain of what he wants to do with his life, college graduate Benjamin Braddock returns home. And when the wife of his father's business partner, the sexy Mrs. Robinson, seduces him, the affair only deepens his confusion. That is, until he meets the girl of his dreams. But there's one problem-- she's Mrs. Robinson's daughter.
Movie poster for Grease 2

Grease 2

Director: Patricia Birch
Writer: Ken Finkleman
Actor: Maxwell Caulfield, Michelle Pfeiffer, Adrian Zmed, Lorna Luft, Didi Conn, Eve Arden, Sid Ceasar, Dody Goodman, Tab Hunter, Connie Stevens
Summary: It's 1961 at Rydell High and the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds are still the epitome of cool. But over the summer something has happened to Stephanie, the leader of the Pink Ladies. She feels she has outgrown Johnny, the head T-Bird, and is looking for new love - one who's even cooler and whose bike is even hotter. Newcomer Michael is smitten with Stephanie, so a conflict between Johnny and Michael begin.
Movie poster for The Great Gatsby (1974)

The Great Gatsby (1974)

Director: Jack Clayton
Writer: Francis Ford Coppola
Actor: Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Bruce Dern, Karen Black, Scott Wilson, Sam Waterston, Lois Chiles, Howard Da Silva, Roberts Blossom
Screenplay: PN1997 .G6838 1972
Summary: In 1920s Long Island, a mysterious American millionaire's efforts to recapture the sweetheart of his youth result in tragedy.
Movie poster for The Great Gatsby (2013)

The Great Gatsby (2013)

Director: Baz Luhrmann
Writer: Baz Luhrmann, Craig Pearce
Actor: Leonardo Dicaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher, Jason Clarke
Summary: The Great Gatsby follows viable writer Nick Carraway as he leaves the Midwest and comes to New York City in the spring of 1922. Chasing his own American dream, Nick lands next door to Jay Gatsby, and across the bay from his cousin, Daisy, and her husband, Tom Buchanan. Nick is drawn into the captivating world of the rich and their loves and deceits. As he bears witness, he pens a tale of impossible love, incorruptible dreams, and tragedy, and holds a mirror to our own modern times and struggles.
Movie poster for The Greatest Show on Earth

The Greatest Show on Earth

Director: Cecil B. DeMille
Writer: Fredric M. Frank, Barre Lyndon, Theodore St. John
Actor: Betty Hutton, Cornel Wilde, Charlton Heston, Dorothy Lamour, Gloria Grahame, James Stewart, Henry Wilcoxon, Lyle Bettger, Lawrence Tierney, Emmett Kelly, Cucciola, Antoinette Concello
Summary: A splashy, colorful look at life under the big top that weaves the personal stories of the performers in with the spectacle and color of the circus.
Movie poster for Gregory's Girl

Gregory's Girl

Director: Bill Forsyth
Writer: Bill Forsyth
Actor: Gordon John Sinclair, Dee Hepburn, Clare Grogan
Summary: Sixteen-year-old Gregory has his first encounter with girls. Gregory's love-life takes off with his infatuation with Dorothy, the first female player on his all-male soccer team. While waiting for her to meet him one evening, Gregory winds up becoming a pawn in an elaborate date relay set up by some of his female classmates. He's confused, but loves every minute of it as he gets to know Susan who, it turns out, has had designs on him all along.
Movie poster for Grey Owl

Grey Owl

Director: Richard Attenborough
Writer: William Nicholson
Actor: Pierce Brosnan, Annie Galipeau
Summary: A frontier trapper adopts the ways of the wild, finds love among its people, and fights to protect the land he loves in this film based on the life of Archie Grey Owl.
Movie poster for Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Director: Harold Ramis
Writer: Danny Rubin, Harold Ramis
Actor: Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott, Stephen Tobolowsky, Brian Doyle-Murray, Marita Geraghty, Angela Paton, Rick Ducommun, Rick Overton, Robin Duke
Screenplay: PN1997 .G767 1992a
Summary: Sent to cover the annual appearance of world-famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, a self-centered TV weatherman unleashes his bitterness -- and soon realizes he's doomed to repeat Groundhog Day until he learns that his actions can affect the outcome.
Movie poster for Hanover Street

Hanover Street

Director: Peter Hyams
Writer: Peter Hyams
Actor: Harrison Ford, Lesley-Anne Down, Christopher Plummer, Alec McCowen, Richard Masur, Michael Sacks
Summary: An American bomber pilot falls in love with a British nurse, and then must escort her husband on a mission behind enemy lines.
Movie poster for Head-On


Gegen Die Wand Duvara Karsi

Director: Fatih Akin
Writer: Fatih Akin
Actor: Sibel Kekilli, Birol Unel, Guven Kıraç, Meltem Cumbul, Catrin Striebeck
Summary: A melodrama of a Turkish man and woman living in Germany, torn between two cultures, tradition and modernity, survival and death.
Movie poster for Heading South

Heading South

Vers le sud

Director: Laurent Cantet
Writer: Robin Campillo, Laurent Cantet, Dany Laferriere
Actor: Charlotte Rampling, Karen Young, Louise Portal, Menothy Cesar, Lys Ambroise
Summary: Three middle-aged women, disillusioned and unsatisfied by the men at home, converge at a Haitian resort to soak up the sun and sample the sexual talents of the locals.
Movie poster for Heaven Can Wait

Heaven Can Wait

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Writer: Samson Raphaelson
Actor: Don Ameche, Gene Tierney, Charles Coburn, Laird Cregar, Marjorie Main, Spring Byington, Allyn Joslyn
Screenplay: PN1997 .H429 1942
Summary: Newly deceased playboy Henry Van Cleve arrives at the outer offices of Hades where he asks a bemused Satan for permission to enter the gates of Hell. Though the Devil doubts he will qualify, Henry proceeds to recount a lifetime wooing and pursuing women.
Movie poster for Hello, Dolly

Hello, Dolly

Director: Gene Kelly
Writer: Ernest Lehman
Actor: Barbra Streisand, Walter Matthau, Michael Crawford, Louis Armstrong
Screenplay: PN1997 .H45 1968
Summary: Musical set in the 1890's about a professional matchmaker who meets her match.
Movie poster for Henry and June

Henry and June

Director: Philip Kaufman
Writer: Philip Kaufman, Rose Kaufman
Actor: Fred Ward, Uma Thurman, Maria de Medeiros, Richard E. Grant, Kevin Spacey, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey
Screenplay: PN1997 .H46 1990
Summary: Explore the relationships between the writers Anais Nin and Henry Miller, and his wife June in Paris 1931.
Movie poster for Her


Director: Spike Jonze
Writer: Spike Jonze
Actor: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Pratt, Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .H47 2011
Summary: Set in Los Angeles in the slight future, Theodore, a complex, soulful man who makes his living writing touching personal letters for other people. Heartbroken after the end of a long relationship, he becomes intrigued with a new, advanced operating system, which promises to be an intuitive and unique entity in its own right. Upon initiating it, he is delighted to meet 'Samantha', a bright, female voice who is insightful, sensitive and surprisingly funny. As her needs and desires grow, in tandem with his own, their friendship deepens into an eventual love for each other.
Movie poster for Her Highness and the Bellboy

Her Highness and the Bellboy

Director: Richard Thorpe
Writer: Richard Connell, Gladys Lehman
Actor: Hedy Lamarr, Robert Walker, June Allyson
Summary: Every princess needs a Prince Charming. But lovely Princess Veronica didn't expect hers to be bellhop Jimmy Dobson. Hedy Lamarr is the princess, Robert Walker is the bellhop and June Allyson is a bedridden former dancer who secretly loves Jimmy in this frothy fairy tale set in prewar Manhattan's version of a palace: an elegant hotel complete with royal grounds (Central Park, of course). The fun begins when Jimmy mistakes Veronica for a new maid. She plays along, the two strike up a friendship and complications - romantic and political - ensue.
Movie poster for Heroes (1977)

Heroes (1977)

Director: Jeremy Kagan
Writer: James Carabatsos, David Freeman
Actor: Henry Winkler, Sally Field, Harrison Ford, Val Avery, Olivia Cole, Hector Elias
Summary: A troubled Vietnam veteran embarks on a journey to California to open a worm farm and prove his self-worth, meeting a woman along the way who helps him find himself.
Movie poster for High Society

High Society

Director: Charles Walters
Writer: John Patrick
Actor: Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Celeste Holm, John Lund, Louis Calhern, Sidney Blackmer
Summary: In this musical comedy, a society wedding is being arranged in Newport, Rhode Island. The beautiful Tracy Samantha Lord is to marry George Kittredge. However, Tracy's ex-husband, the songwriter C.K. Dexter-Haven, has never stopped loving her and has hopes of winning her back. A New York scandal sheet reporter and photographer arrive to cover the wedding and complicate the tangled romances.
Movie poster for Hiroshima Mon Amour

Hiroshima Mon Amour


Director: Alain Resnais
Writer: Marguerite Duras
Actor: Emanuelle Riva, Eiji Okada, Stella Dassas, Pierre Barbaud, Bernard Fresson
Screenplay: PN1997 .H5183 1961
Summary: A Japanese architect and a French actress engage in a brief intense affair in Hiroshima in 1959. Both deal with their personal memories of World War II.
Movie poster for His Girl Friday

His Girl Friday

Director: Howard Hawks
Writer: Charles Lederer
Actor: Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Bellamy, Gene Lockhart, Helen Mark, Porter Hall
Screenplay: PN1997 .H5275 1939
Summary: A re-make of 'The Front Page' with the main character as a girl reporter (Rosalind Russell). The editor (Cary Grant) wants his top reporter to cover the impending execution of a murderer rather than get married and leave the job.
Movie poster for Hit the Deck

Hit the Deck

Director: Roy Rowland
Writer: Sonya Levien, William Ludwig
Actor: Jane Powell, Tony Martin, Debbie Reynolds, Walter Pidgeon, Vic Damone, Gene Raymond, Ann Miller, Russ Tamblyn, J. Carrol Naish, Kay Armen, Richard Anderson, Jane Darwell, Alan King, Henry Slate
Summary: Sailor Danny Xavier Smith and two other guys try to save his sister Susan's virtue. She wants to get a role in the show 'Hit the Deck'. After wrecking the producers hotel suite, they land in the brig. But Danny's father is a Rear Admiral.
Movie poster for Housesitter


Director: Frank Oz
Writer: Mark Stein
Actor: Steve Martin, Goldie Hawn, Dana Delany, Julie Harris, Donald Moffat, Peter MacNicol
Summary: Shortly after an architect's girlfriend turns down his marriage proposal, he encounters a woman who decides on her own to move into his empty dream house and pass herself off as his new wife--with hilarious and romantic consequences.
Movie poster for Howard's End

Howard's End

Director: James Ivory
Writer: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
Actor: Anthony Hopkins, Vanessa Redgrave, Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Thompson, James Wilby, Samuel West, Prunella Scale
Screenplay: PN1997 .H7285 1992
Summary: Tells the story of the idealistic, independent and highly educated Schlegel sisters and their tangled relationships with a rich businessman and his family, and with an unhappily married young bank clerk.
Movie poster for Human Nature

Human Nature

Director: Michel Gondry
Writer: Charlie Kaufman
Actor: Tim Robbins, Patricia Arquette, Rhys Ifans, Miranda Otto, Rosie Perez, Robert Forster, Mary Kay Place
Screenplay: PN1997 .H84 1995
Summary: Go for a walk on the wild side in this deliciously twisted tale about three strangers caught in a hair-raising love triangle.
Movie poster for Hurricane


Director: Jan Troell
Writer: Lorenzo Semple, Jr.
Actor: Jason Robards, Mia Farrow, Max von Sydow, Dayton Ka'ne, Trevor Howard, Timothy Bottoms, James Keach, Manu Tupou
Summary: Sat in the 1920s, an American painter has an affair with a Samoan chief, against her father, the Governor of the island's will, as a devastating hurricane is set to destroy the island and those who inhabit it.
Movie poster for Husbands and Wives

Husbands and Wives

Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen
Actor: Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Judy Davis, Sydney Pollack, Blythe Danner, Juliette Lewis, Liam Neeson
Summary: Woody Allen and Mia Farrow star as a long-married couple whose own relationship starts to crumble when their best friends, announce they're separating. They immediately pair-up with younger, sexier paramours and enjoy again the pleasures of fresh passion. But smoldering resentments and unexpected jealousies soon rise to the surface, erupting in savage humor and hilariously unpredictable reunions.
Movie poster for Hysterical Blindness

Hysterical Blindness

Director: Mira Nair
Writer: Laura Cahill
Actor: Uma Thurman, Gena Rowlands, Juliette Lewis, Justin Chambers, Ben Gazzara, Anthony DeSando, Jolie Peters, Callie Thorne
Summary: It's 1987 in Bayonne, New Jersey. The bars are full and smoky, and two old friends, Debby and Beth, are out looking for a good time. With their hair teased and clothes tight enough that they looked painted on, you would never suspect one is a single mother and the other is a lonely office worker. But what they don't see is that most of the men that they meet are only looking for one night stands, not a long term relationship.
Movie poster for I Am Curious (Blue)

I Am Curious (Blue)

Jag ar nyfiken - en film i blatt

Director: Vilgot Sjoman
Writer: Vilgot Sjoman
Actor: Lena Nyman, Vilgot Sjoman, Maj Hulten, Borje Ahlstedt, Peter Lindgren, Gudrun Ostbye
Summary: Writer-Director Vilgot Sjoman's controversial sequel to I Am Curious: Yellow follows young Lena (Lena Nyman) on her journey of self-discovery as she confronts issues of religion, sexuality and the prison system while exploring her own personal relationships. Like Yellow, Blue deftly traverses the lines between fact and fiction via a mix of dramatic and documentary techniques. Maj Hultén also stars.
Movie poster for I Am Curious (Yellow)

I Am Curious (Yellow)

Jag ar nyfiken - en film i gult

Director: Vilgot Sjoman
Writer: Vilgot Sjoman
Actor: Lena Nyman, Vilgot Sjoman, Borje Ahlstedt, Peter Lindgren, Marie Goranzon, Anders Ek
Screenplay: PN1997.S556 J2313 1968
Summary: Director Vilgot Sjöman's controversial feature follows Lena, a rebellious young woman who seeks to gain more understanding of the social and political conditions in 1960s Sweden while exploring her own sexuality.
Movie poster for I Am Love

I Am Love

Io sono l'amore

Director: Luca Guadagnino
Writer: Luca Guadagnino, Barbara Alberti
Actor: Edoardo Gabbriellini, Flavio Parenti, Tilda Swinton, Alba Rohrwacher, Pippo Delbono, Maria Paiato, Diane Fleri, Gabriele Ferzetti, Marisa Berenson
Summary: The wealthy Recchi family has undergone sweeping changes. Eduardo Sr. has named a successor to the reins of his company, and surprised everyone by splitting power between his son Tancredi and grandson Edo. But Edo had always dreamed of opening a restaurant with his friend Antonio. To make matters worse, the very foundation of the entire family may be totally shattered after Tancredi's wife Emma falls deeply in love with Antonio and begins a passionate love affair.
Movie poster for I Don't Want to Be a Man

I Don't Want to Be a Man

Ich mochte kein Mann sein

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Writer: Hanns Kraly, Ernst Lubitsch
Actor: Ossi Oswalda, Kurt Gotz, Ferry Sikla, Margarete Kupfer, Victor Janson
Summary: While her father is away, a teenage tomboy impersonates a man in this gender-bending absurdist comedy.
Movie poster for I Know Where I'm Going!

I Know Where I'm Going!

Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Writer: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Actor: Wendy Hiller, Roger Livesey, Pamela Brown, Finlay Currie, George Carney, Nancy Price, Catherine Lacey, Jean Cadell, John Laurie, Valentine Dyall, Norman Shelley, Margot Fitzsimons, Murdo Morrison, C.W.R. Knight, Petula Clark
Summary: A headstrong young woman travels to the Scottish Hebrides to marry a rich industrialist. On the way, she meets a young naval officer and realizes that some things are more important than money.
Movie poster for The Illusionist

The Illusionist

Director: Neil Burger
Writer: Neil Burger
Actor: Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, Jessica Biel, Rufus Sewell, Eddie Marsan, Jake Wood, Tom Fisher
Summary: The acclaimed illusionist Eisenheim has not only captured the imaginations of all of Vienna, but also the interest of the ambitious Crown Prince Leopold. When Leopold's new fiancee rekindles a childhood fascination with Eisenheim, the Prince's interest evolves into obsession. Suddenly the city's Chief Inspector finds himself investigating a shocking crime. But even as the Inspector engages him in a dramatic challenge of wills, Eisenheim prepares for the most impressive illusion yet.
Movie poster for Immortal Beloved

Immortal Beloved

Director: Bernard Rose
Writer: Bernard Rose
Actor: Gary Oldman, Jeroen Krabbe, Isabella Rosellini, Johanna ter Steege, Valeria Golino
Summary: Based on the life of composer Ludwig Beethoven. A letter found after his death leads to efforts to uncover the mystery of who was his immortal beloved.
Movie poster for The Importance of Being Earnest (1952)

The Importance of Being Earnest (1952)

Director: Anthony Asquith
Writer: Oscar Wilde, Anthony Asquith
Actor: Michael Redgrave, Richard Wattis, Michael Denison, Walter Hudd, Edith Evans, Joan Greenwood, Dorothy Tutin, Margaret Rutherford, Miles Malleson, Aubrey Mather
Summary: A witty, delightful story about a lovestruck suitor named Jack whose fiancee can only love a man named Ernest.
Movie poster for The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)

The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)

Director: Oliver Parker
Writer: Oliver Parker, Oscar Wilde
Actor: Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Frances O'Connor, Reese Witherspoon, Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Anna Massey, Edward Fox
Summary: Algernon is a gentlemen from a wealthy family. Algernon's close friend Jack, has a ward, Cecily. Both Algernon and Jack have created alter egos to make life more interesting. Algernon arrives for a weekend visit in the country posing as Earnest. Having heard of Earnest's misadventures, Cicely has developed an infatuation with the rogue, and Algernon's impersonation of him works famously on Cicely. Meanwhile, Algernon's cousin, Gwendolyn, arrives for the weekend, and is startled to discover Jack is also there -- except that she knows him as bad-boy Earnest. So just who really is who?
Movie poster for In Between Days

In Between Days

Director: So Yong Kim
Writer: So Yong Kim
Actor: Jiseon Kim, Taegu Andy Kang, Bokja Kim, Gina You, Mike Park, Virginia Wu
Summary: A teenager recently transplanted from South Korea to a snowbound North American city struggles to find her way in a strange land of new faces.
Movie poster for In My Country

In My Country

Director: John Boorman
Writer: Antjie Krog, Ann Peacock
Actor: Samuel L. Jackson, Juliette Binoche, Brendan Gleeson, Menzi "Ngubs" Ngubane
Summary: A Washington Post journalist and an Afrikaans poet strike up a friendship and become romantically involved as they try to come to terms with their feelings about what they've learned at the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings.
Movie poster for In the Good Old Summertime

In the Good Old Summertime

Director: Robert Z. Leonard
Writer: Albert Hackett, Frances Goodrich, Ivan Tors
Actor: Judy Garland, Van Johnson, S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall, Spring Byington, Clinton Sundberg, Buster Keaton, Marcia Van Dyke
Summary: Musical remake of 'Shop around the corner' involving two feuding store employees who are unknowingly engaged in a romantic relationship as anonymous pen pals.
Movie poster for In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love

Fa yeung nin wa

Director: Kar-wai Wong
Writer: Kar-wai Wong
Actor: Maggie Cheung Man-yuk, Leung, Tony Chiu Wai
Summary: The story of two lonely people who discover in each other the intimacy they have lost in their marriages.
Movie poster for Indiscretion of an American Wife

Indiscretion of an American Wife

Director: Vittorio De Sica
Writer: Cesare Zavattini, Luigi Chiarini, Giorgio Prosperi, Truman Capote
Actor: Jennifer Jones, Montgomery Clift, Richard Beymer
Summary: An American housewife (Jennifer Jones) vacationing in Italy reluctantly decides to put an end to her brief affair with an Italian academic (Montgomery Clift). She flees to Rome's Stazione Termini, where she bids him farewell, but he begs her to stay. The film's plot is simple; its production was not. The troubled collaboration between director Vittorio De Sica and producer David O. Selznick resulted in two cuts of the same film. De Sica's version, Terminal Station, was screened at a length of one-and-a-half hours, but after disappointing previews, Selznick severely re-edited it and changed the title to Indiscretion of an American Wife without De Sica's permission.
Movie poster for Intolerable Cruelty

Intolerable Cruelty

Writer: Robert Ramsey, Matthew Stone, Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
Actor: George Clooney, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Geoffrey Rush, Cedric the Entertainer, Edward Herrmann, Paul Adelstein, Richard Jenkins, Billy Bob Thornton
Screenplay: PN1997 .I5175 2003
Summary: Attorney Miles goes toe-to-toe with his wealthy client's ex-wife, expert gold-digger Marylin, in this battle-of-the-sexes comedy. Just when Marylin thinks she's cinched another fortune, she's defeated by the "Massey pre-nup" and schemes to get even.
Movie poster for It


Director: Clarence G. Badger
Writer: Hope Loring, Louis D. Lighton, George Marion
Actor: Clara Bow, Antonio Moreno, William Austin, Jacqueline Gadsdon, Elinor Glyn, Gary Cooper, Courtney Love
Summary: A saucy lingerie salesgirl sets her sights on the handsome owner of the department store where she works.
Movie poster for Jeremy


Director: Arthur Barron
Writer: Arthur Barron
Actor: Robby Benson, Glynnis O'Connor
Summary: Two shy teenagers share their first romantic experience in this tale of adolescent love.
Movie poster for Jesus' Son

Jesus' Son

Director: Alison MacLean
Writer: Elizabeth Cuthrell, David Urrutia, Oren Moverman
Actor: Billy Crudup, Samantha Morton, Denis Leary, Holly Hunter, Dennis Hopper, Jack Black, Will Patton, Greg Germann
Summary: A rumpled, hapless young man in his twenties, FH bounces through his days with his dreams and hallucinations blurring and merging into reality. The shaky center of his universe is his beloved on-again, off-again, girlfriend Michelle.
Movie poster for Joseph Andrews

Joseph Andrews

Director: Tony Richardson
Writer: Allan Scott, Chris Bryant
Actor: Ann-Margret, Peter Firth, Michael Hordern, Beryl Reid, Jim Dale, Natalie Ogle, Peter Bull, John Gielgud, Hugh Griffith
Summary: A poor but virtuous 18th century English country servant struggles to remain faithful to his true love, an innocent servant girl, amid the comically scandalous and debauched behaviour of all around him.
Movie poster for Ju Dou

Ju Dou

Ju Dou

Director: Yimou Zhang, Fengliang Yang
Writer: Heng Liu
Summary: They were destined, if not doomed, to be together. She was the mill owner's battered bride; he was his overworked nephew. Out of their plight grew a profound and powerful secret love.
Movie poster for Jules and Jim

Jules and Jim

Jules et Jim

Director: Francois Truffaut
Writer: Francois Truffaut, Jean Gruault
Actor: Jeanne Moreau, Oskar Werner, Henri Serre
Screenplay: PN1997 .J83 1968
Summary: Story of friendship between two artists and their mutual love for the same woman. Considered Truffaut's greatest film.
Movie poster for Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever

Director: Spike Lee
Writer: Spike Lee
Actor: Wesley Snipes, Annabella Sciorra, Spike Lee, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Samuel L. Jackson, Lonette McKee, John Turturro, Frank Vincent, Anthony Quinn
Summary: Explores the trials and consequences of interracial romance.
Movie poster for Just like Heaven

Just like Heaven

Director: Mark Waters
Writer: Peter Tolan, Leslie Dixon
Actor: Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo, Donal Logue, Dina Waters, Ben Shenkman, Jon Heder, Ivana Milicevic, Rosalind Chao
Summary: Elizabeth is a dedicated, workaholic doctor who is much to busy to have a life. One night, she gets into a terrible car accident and dies. She becomes a spirit stuck between heaven and earth. She doesn't realize that she is dead and thinks nothing has happened. That is until she meets David, a lonely architect, who has rented her old apartment. David thinks he is going crazy when he sees Elizabeth's spirit and tries every way he can think of to get rid of her, but she just won't go away. Although the two are complete opposites, they somehow manage to form a relationship.
Movie poster for Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Director: Karan Johar
Writer: Karan Johar, Shivani Bathija, Niranjan Iyengar
Actor: Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukherji, Preity Zinta, Kirron Kher
Summary: The story of Dev, a professional football player, and Maya, a nursery school teacher. Both are married to different people and completely convinced that they are happy until they meet each other.
Movie poster for Karmen Gei

Karmen Gei

Director: Joseph Gai Ramaka
Writer: Joseph Gai Ramaka
Actor: Djeinaba Diop Gai, Magaye Niang, Stephanie Biddle, Thierno Ndiaye Dos, Dieynaba Niang, El Hadji Ndiaye, Aissatou Diop
Summary: Karmen escapes prison through her lesbian relationship with the warden. She then wrecks the marriage and career of a police corporal by making him her lover and co-conspirator in a smuggling ring. She abandons the corporal who, in a fit of jealous rage, stabs her. Contains much singing and dancing.
Movie poster for Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith

Director: Edward Norton
Writer: Stuart Blumberg
Actor: Ben Stiller, Jenna Elfman, Edward Norton, Eli Wallach, Anne Bancroft
Screenplay: PN1997 .K38 1998a
Summary: Two men, long-time best friends, reunite with the tomboy who was the best friend of both; but all of them have changed-- greatly.
Movie poster for Kings Row

Kings Row

Director: Sam Wood
Writer: Casey Robinson
Actor: Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings, Ronald Reagan, Betty Field, Charles Coburn, Claude Rains, Judith Anderson, Nancy Coleman, Kaaren Verne, Maria Ouspenskaya, Harry Davenport
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: Forbidden desires and long-suppressed family secrets are part of the dark underbelly of provincial life in middle-America at the turn-of-the-century as seen through the eyes of five children growing into adulthood. One of them, Parris Mitchell, pursues his interest in the newly emerging field of psychiatry and uses his knowledge to overcome tragic personal losses as well as the hypocrisy and bigotry of his small town home in order to help his childhood friends.
Movie poster for Kismet


Director: Vincente Minnelli
Writer: Charles Lederer, Luther Davis
Actor: Howard Keel, Ann Blyth, Dolores Gray, Vic Damone, Monty Woolley, Sebastian Cabot, Jay C. Flippen, Mike Mazurki, Jack Elam, Ted de Corsia
Summary: Follows one fateful, fabulous day as a beggar-poet and his daughter cross paths with a wicked wazir, a wily temptress, a handsome prince, and a magical curse.
Movie poster for Kiss Me Kate

Kiss Me Kate

Director: George Sidney
Writer: Dorothy Kingsley
Actor: Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, Ann Miller, Keenan Wynn, Bobby Van, Tommy Rall, James Whitmore, Kurt Kasznar, Bob Fosse, Ron Randell, Willard Parker
Summary: Two squabbling, 20th-century ex-marrieds are cast as squabbling Renaissance romantics in a musical version of The taming of the shrew. On stage they fight it out and backstage they continue to clash.
Movie poster for Kissed


Director: Lynne Stopkewich
Writer: Angus Fraser, Lynne Stopkewich
Actor: Molly Parker, Peter Outerbridge, Jay Brazeau
Summary: Ever since she was a young girl, Sandra has been fascinated with death. Her secret obsession, however, interferes with her burgeoning relationship with her boyfriend, Matt, forcing him to embark on a personal crusade to prove he will go to great lengths.
Movie poster for The Knack..and How to Get It

The Knack..and How to Get It

Director: Richard Lester
Writer: Charles Wood
Actor: Rita Tushingham, Ray Brooks, Michael Crawford, Donal Donnelly
Summary: Set in swinging London of the 1960s, a young man has a special style with the ladies, and his friend simply wants to learn the secret. Things become more complicated as they vie for an innocent country girl.
Movie poster for La Collectionneuse

La Collectionneuse

Director: Eric Rohmer
Writer: Eric Rohmer, Patrick Bauchau, Haydee Politoff, Daniel Pommereulle
Actor: Patrick Bauchau, Haydee Politoff, Daniel Pommereulle, Dennis Berry, Nestor Almendros, Mijanou Bardot
Summary: The third of director Eric Rohmer's "Six Moral Tales" finds foxy and licentious Haydee (Haydee Politoff) bedding a different male each night on the French Riviera. Eventually, Haydee's moral well-being becomes the concern of self-absorbed Adrien (Patrick Bauchau) and his friend Daniel (Daniel Pommereulle). Neither of them will sleep with Haydee "for her own good," but the struggle of mind over instinct is tough on the gents as desires inevitably stir.
Movie poster for La Ronde

La Ronde

Director: Max Ophuls
Writer: Louis Ducreux, Kurt Feltz, Jacques Natanson, Max Ophuls
Actor: Anton Walbrook, Simone Signoret, Serge Reggiani, Simone Simon, Daniel Gelin, Danielle Darrieux, Fernand Gravey, Odette Joyeux, Jean-Louis Barrault, Isa Miranda, Gerard Philipe
Summary: La Ronde translates as 'the round' which can refer to the policeman's beat, a circle of dancers, or a carousel, all of which this circular collection of interconnected short stories resembles. Each scene is built around a specific pair, and when one member of the pair breaks away from his or her lover, he or she then moves on to the next, introducing the partner that will lead on to the next pair, and so on until we are back where we started. Many of these lovers are seeking something they've lost in arms that look familiar but that belong to strangers. La ronde is the bittersweet note sounded by the circular nostalgia of the heart.
Movie poster for Lady Be Good

Lady Be Good

Director: Norman Z. McLeod
Writer: Jack McGowan, Kay Van Riper, John McClain
Actor: Eleanor Powell, Ann Sothern, Robert Young, Lionel Barrymore, John Carroll, Red Skelton, Virginia O'Brien
Summary: Powell plays a friend and matchmaker to two struggling songwriters.
Movie poster for Lady Eve

Lady Eve

Director: Preston Sturges
Writer: Preston Sturges
Actor: Barbara Stanwyck, Henry Fonda, William Demarest, Eric Blore, Charles Coburn, Eugene Pallette, Melvilloel Cooper, Martha O'Driscoll, Janet Beecher
Screenplay: PN1997 .L326 1940
Summary: A conniving father and daughter meet up with the heir to a brewery fortune-- a wealthy but naive snake enthusiast-- and attempt to bamboozle him at a cruise ship card table. Their plan is quickly abandoned when the daughter falls in love with their prey. But when the heir gets wise to her gold-digging ways, she must plot to re-conquer his heart.
Movie poster for The Lady Refuses

The Lady Refuses

Director: George Archainbaud
Writer: Wallace Smith
Actor: Betty Compson, John Darrow, Gilbert Emery, Margaret Livingston, Ivan Lebedeff, Edgar Northon, Daphne Pollard
Summary: A 'lady for hire' is involved with a wealthy socialite and his son.
Movie poster for Lagaan


Director: Ashutosh Gowariker
Writer: Ashutosh Gowariker, Kumar Dave, Sanjay Dayma
Actor: Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh, Rachel Shelley, Paul Blackthorne, Suhasini Mulay
Summary: An arrogant British Army captain forces a bet on a group of farmers. If they can win a cricket match against the army team, they will not have to pay the tax called lagaan for three years.
Movie poster for Last Tango in Paris

Last Tango in Paris

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci
Writer: Bernardo Bertolucci
Actor: Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider, Maria Michi, Giovanna Galletti, Jean-Pierre Leaud, Massimo Girotti
Summary: An American widower in Paris, desolate at the unexplained suicide of his wife, plunges into a torrid sexual relationship with a stranger, a young French girl half his age.
Movie poster for Les Enfants Terribles

Les Enfants Terribles

Director: Jean-Pierre Melville
Writer: Jean Cocteau, Jean-Pierre Melville
Actor: Jean Cocteau, Nicole Stephane, Edouard Dermithe, Renee Cosima, Jacques Bernard, Roger Gaillard, Maurice Revel, Adeline Aucoc, Melvyn Martin, Maria Cyliakus, Jean-Marie Robain, Rachel Devirys, Emile Mathys
Summary: Elisabeth is very protective of her teenage brother Paul, who has been injured in a snowball fight at school and has to rest in bed most of the time. The siblings are inseparable, living in the same room, fighting, playing secret games, and rarely leaving the house. Paul's friend, Gerard, often drops by to stay with them. One day Elisabeth brings home Agathe to live with them. She bears a strong resemblance to Dargelos, a schoolboy whom Paul had a crush on and the same boy who injured him. Paul and Agathe become attracted to each other, causing Elizabeth to be very jealous.
Movie poster for Les Girls

Les Girls

Director: George Cukor
Writer: John Patrick
Actor: Gene Kelly, Mitzi Gaynor, Kay Kendall, Taina Elg, Jacques Bergerac, Leslie Phillips, Henry Daniell, Patrick Macnee, Stephen Vercoe, Philip Tonge
Summary: A cheeky musical variation on Rashomon, the film gives three flashbacks on the Parisian sojourn of a dance master and his featured artists.
Movie poster for Les Miserables (1998)

Les Miserables (1998)

Director: Billie August
Writer: Rafael Yglesias
Actor: Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush, Uma Thurman, Claire Danes, Hans Matheson, Peter Vaughan
Screenplay: PN1997 .M567 1996a
Summary: The story of Valjean, the ex-convict who rises against all odds from galley slave to mayor, and the fanatical police inspector who dedicates his life to recapturing Valjean.
Movie poster for Les Miserables (2012)

Les Miserables (2012)

Director: Tom Hooper
Writer: William Nicholson, Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schonberg, Herbert Kretzmer
Actor: Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen
Summary: In early 19th century France the paroled prisoner Jean Valjean seeks redemption, regains his social standing, and rises to the rank of mayor. He encounters a beautiful but desperately ill woman named Fantine and cares for her daughter, Cosette, after her death. All the while he is obsessively pursued by the policeman Javert, who vows to make him pay for the crimes of his past.
Movie poster for Lianna


Director: John Sayles
Writer: John Sayles
Actor: Linda Griffiths, Jane Hallaren, Jon DeVries, Jo Henderson
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: In this moving and compassionate film Sayles presents a sympathetic, realistic portrait of Lianna, a young wife and mother who leaves her husband for another woman and embarks on a turbulent journey of self-discovery. Lianna must face the anger and confusion of her husband as well as the raised eyebrows of her community. But when her new lover also rejects her, she faces the most difficult task of all: she must learn to love herself.
Movie poster for The Libertine

The Libertine

Director: Laurence Dunmore
Writer: Stephen Jeffreys
Actor: Johnny Depp, Samantha Morton, John Malkovich, Paul Ritter, Stanley Townsend, Francesca Annis, Rosamund Pike, Tom Hollander, Johnny Vegas, Richard Coyle
Summary: John Wilmot, a 17th century poet, is the Earl of Rochester and from the beginning he treats his wife cruelly, drinks to relentless excess, abuses his friendships, and generally wallows in dissipation, much to the dismay of King Charles II. The king hopes that Rochester will write a play glorifying his reign. But Rochester finds his true inspiration when he sees a young actress named Lizzie Barry. Rochester sets out to make her the greatest actress of their time--and she, with some reluctance, submits to his teaching.
Movie poster for The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Writer: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Actor: Roger Livesey, Deborah Kerr, Anton Walbrook, Roland Culver, Harry Welchman, Arthur Wontner, Albert Lieven
Screenplay: PN1997 .L57 P68 1994
Summary: Based on cartoonist David Low's parody of the old-fashioned British professional soldier, set in his ways and unable to adapt to the brutality of modern war. This story follows the career of Clive Candy, at first an idealistic, young Boer War hero, then a brigadier general, serving honorably in World War I. Finally, by World War II, he has become a bald, overweight, querulous old man, angry that his age and military experience are held in contempt, and bewildered that his lifelong code of gentlemanly conduct has become an anachronism in a world threatened by a monster like Hitler.
Movie poster for Light of My Eyes

Light of My Eyes

Luce dei miei occhi

Director: Giuseppe Piccioni
Writer: Umberto Contarello, Giuseppe Piccioni
Actor: Luigi Lo Cascio, Sandra Ceccarelli, Silvio Orlando, Barbara Valente, Toni Bertorelli
Summary: Antonio, a lonely man working as a driver of luxury cars, relates only to the science fiction novels he reads until he meets Maria.
Movie poster for Little Children

Little Children

Director: Todd Field
Writer: Todd Field, Tom Perrotta
Actor: Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, Jennifer Connelly, Gregg Edelman, Sadie Goldstein, Ty Simpkins, Noah Emmerich, Jackie Earle Haley, Phyllis Somerville
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .L575 2007
Summary: Sarah Pierce is a new stay at home mom struggling with the solitude of her new role. Spending every moment with a three year old tests the patience of the one-time English scholar. One day, at a local playground, she interacts with a group of moms and the differences are clear. They embrace motherhood and seem to relish all that their new role brings. One day, Brad, a stay at home dad brings his son to the playground. Sarah is amazed to find these moms have never talked to Brad and one of the women bets Sarah five dollars that she won't get his phone number. Sarah not only gets his phone number, but she lets him in on the joke and they hug and kiss. Emasculated by his wife, Kathy, Brad becomes slightly obsessed with finding ways to demonstrate he can still produce testosterone. Soon, Sarah and Brad start a passionate affair. At the same time, their quiet suburban community deals with Ronnie, a convicted pedophile who has just been released from prison. He returns to his mother's home and she helps him endure the constant taunts of an overzealous neighbor. These lives intersect in surprising and potentially dangerous ways.
Movie poster for A Little Romance

A Little Romance

Director: George Roy Hill
Writer: Allan Burns, George Roy Hill
Actor: Laurence Olivier, Diane Lane, Thelonious Bernard, Arthur Hill, Sally Kellerman
Summary: A comedy about a boy and a girl, 13-year-olds, in Paris, who fall in love, and an old gentlemanly rascal who helps them in their plans to visit the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.
Movie poster for The Lonely Wife

The Lonely Wife


Director: Satyajit Ray
Writer: Satyajit Ray
Actor: Soumitra Chatterjee, Madhabi Mukherjee, Shailen Mukherjee, Shyamal Ghosal, Gitali Roy, Subrata Sen, Bankim Ghosh
Summary: Set in late 19th-century, pre-independence India, this film is about a woman's artistic and romantic yearning. It is about the lonely wife of a workaholic newspaper editor, Charulata, whose beautiful face masks a burning creativity. When her husband's poet cousin comes to stay with them, Charulata finds herself both inspired by him creatively and dangerously drawn to him physically. A delicate tale of a marriage in jeopardy and a woman taking the first steps toward establishing her own voice.
Movie poster for The Long, Hot Summer

The Long, Hot Summer

Director: Martin Ritt
Writer: Irving Ravetch, Harriet Frank
Actor: Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Anthony Franciosa, Orson Welles, Lee Remick, Angela Lansbury, Richard Anderson, Sarah Marshall, Mabel Albertson, J. Pat O'Malley, William Walker
Summary: Ben Quick, an industrious con artist who's known throughout the country as a barn burner, gets run out of a Mississippi town. He meets up with Clara Varner, whose father is pressuring her to get married and provide him with grandchildren. It isn't long before he decides Ben and Clara should marry, and when she resists, it sets up a dramatically escalating clash of wills.
Movie poster for Lost Horizon

Lost Horizon

Director: Frank Capra
Writer: Robert Riskin
Actor: Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt, John Howard, Margo, Thomas Mitchell, Edward Everett Horton, Sam Jaffe
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks, PN1997 .L683 1936
Summary: Fleeing war-torn China, a small planeload of people are hijacked to an idyllic valley in the Himalayas where time has virtually stopped. There Conway, a British diplomat, falls in love with a beautiful woman, and is asked to remain in Shangri-La as its new leader.
Movie poster for Love Actually

Love Actually

Director: Richard Curtis
Writer: Richard Curtis
Actor: Alan Rickman, Bill Nighy, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Laura Linney, Liam Neeson, Martine McCutcheon
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .L69 2003
Summary: It's all about love and holiday cheer in London. The Prime Minister is smitten with his caterer; a widower's young son nurses the ultimate schoolboy crush; a writer falls for his Portuguese housekeeper; a devoted wife and mother copes with her potentially unfaithful husband; and a lovelorn American is desperately attracted to a colleague.
Movie poster for Love in the Afternoon

Love in the Afternoon

L'Amour l'apres-midi

Director: Eric Rohmer
Writer: Eric Rohmer
Summary: Frederic is happily married but is tempted by the unstable Chloe who wants to have his child.
Movie poster for Love in the Time of Cholera

Love in the Time of Cholera

Director: Mike Newell
Writer: Ronald Harwood
Actor: Benjamin Bratt, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Javier Bardem, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Hector Elizondo, Liev Schreiber, Ana Claudia Talancon, Fernanda Montenegro, Unax Ugalde, Laura Harring, John Leguizamo
Summary: Set on the Caribbean coast of South America, this love story brings together Fermina Daza, her distinguished husband, and a man who has secretly loved her for more than fifty years.
Movie poster for The Love Letter

The Love Letter

Director: Dan Curtis
Writer: James Henerson
Actor: Campbell Scott, Jennifer Jason Leigh, David Dukes, Estelle Parsons, Daphne Ashbrook, Myra Carter, Gerrit Graham, Irma P. Hall, Richard Woods
Summary: When Scotty discovers a poignant letter written by a mysterious woman called Lizzie he cannot get her out of his mind. Putting thoughts of his upcoming wedding aside, he is compelled to write Lizzie a letter of his own. A romantic correspondence ensues and flourishes into a love so powerful, not even a century and a half of time can keep them apart. Spanning an era from the Civil War to the present day, the perils of Lizzie's war torn present threaten her passage into the future. Would their love be strong enough to endure the test of time?
Movie poster for The Love Parade

The Love Parade

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Writer: Guy Bolton, Ernest Vajda
Actor: Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald, Lupino Lane, Lillian Roth
Summary: In mythical Sylvania, Queen Louise's cabinet are worried that she will become an old maid, and are delighted when she marries the rougish Count Renard. Unfortunately, he finds his position as Queen's Consort unsatisfying and without purpose, and the marriage soon runs into difficulties. The Love parade introduced the screen operetta genre.
Movie poster for Love's Labour's Lost

Love's Labour's Lost

Director: Kenneth Branagh
Writer: Kenneth Branagh
Actor: Alicia Silverstone, Natascha McElhone, Emily Mortimer, Carmen Ejogo, Richard Clifford, Daniel Hill, Alessandro Nivola, Kenneth Branagh, Matthew Lillard, Adrian Lester, Timothy Spall, Anthony O'Donnell, Nathan Lane, Stefania Rocca, Richard Briers, Geraldine McEwan, Jimmy Yuill
Summary: The handsome young King of Navarre and his three friends -- Berowne, Longaville, and Dumaine -- make a pledge to retreat for three years to study literature and art, depriving themselves of all comforts, including the company of women, for the duration. The pledge survives intact for exactly as long as it takes the beautiful Princess of France and her three friends -- Rosaline, Maria, and Katherine -- to travel to Navarre on a diplomatic mission from her father. Shakespeare purists will probably be horrified that Branagh has juxtaposed the Bard with classics by Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, and George and Ira Gershwin, in a loving homage to the great musicals of the '30s. He has also thrown in every cliche of said musicals, reviving the abandoned genre with 90 minutes of elaborately staged flossy, frothy, campy, cotton-candy fun.
Movie poster for The Loves of Carmen

The Loves of Carmen

Director: Charles Vidor
Writer: Helen Deutsch
Actor: Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, Ron Randell, Victor Jory, Luther Adler, Arnold Moss, Joseph Buloff, Margaret Wycherly
Summary: Don José is an upstanding soldier who falls fast and hard for the treacherous Gypsy beauty Carmen. He leaves the army, descends into a life of crime and ultimately must go mano a mano with one of Carmen's dangerous lovers.
Movie poster for Lower City

Lower City

Cidade Baixa

Director: Sergio Machado
Writer: Sergio Machado, Karim Ainouz
Actor: Lazaro Ramos, Wagner Moura, Alice Braga, Jose Dumont
Summary: Sexy Brazilian drama chronicling a love triangle between two best friends, Deco and Naldinho, and a sultry, beautiful young girl, Karinna. Burdened with unbridled passion, the threesome navigates the 'lower city' of tropical Salvador da Bahia, stumbling through a treacherous landscape of sex and jealousy. Suffocated and unable to go on, the three must accept one another as lovers, adversaries and ultimately friends; learning to overlook the defiance of their actions and joining one another down an unthinkable path.
Movie poster for Lucky Partners

Lucky Partners

Director: Lewis Milestone
Writer: George Haight, Edwin Justus Mayer, Lewis Milestone, Franz Schulz, Allan Scott, John Van Druten
Actor: Ginger Rogers, Ronald Colman, Jack Carson, Spring Byington, Cecilia Loftus, Harry Davenport, Hugh O'Connell
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: A bookshop errand girl casts her lot with a hardluck Greenwich Village artist and both come up winners in a sweepstakes contest. The pair dash off to Niagara Falls to celebrate, but love, and her beau back home get in the way of their platonic plans.
Movie poster for Lust, Caution

Lust, Caution

Se, Jie

Director: Ang Lee
Writer: Hui Ling, James Schamus
Actor: Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Wei Tang, Joan Chen, Lee-Hom Wang, Chung Hua Tou
Screenplay: PN1997.2.S4 Z43 2007
Summary: Set in Japanese-occupied Shanghai, a young woman finds herself swept up in a radical plot to assassinate a ruthless and secretive intelligence agent. As she immerses herself in her role as a cosmopolitan seductress, she becomes entangled in a dangerous game of emotional intrigue, love and betrayal.
Movie poster for M. Butterfly

M. Butterfly

Director: David Cronenberg
Writer: David Henry Hwang
Actor: Jeremy Irons, John Lone, Barbara Sukowa, Ian Richardson
Summary: A French civil service officer risks and then abandons everything in his life in his obsessive pursuit of a enigmatic Chinese opera diva who harbors a secret.
Movie poster for Made for Each Other

Made for Each Other

Director: John Cromwell
Writer: Jo Swerling
Actor: Carole Lombard, James Stewart, Charles Coburn, Lucille Watson
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: Romantic drama about a young couple's struggles in their first year of marriage.
Movie poster for The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute


Director: Ingmar Bergman
Writer: Emanuel Schikaneder, Alf Henrikson, Ingmar Bergman
Actor: Josef Kostlinger, Irma Urrila, Haken Hagegard, Elisabeth Eriksson, Ulrik Cold, Birgit Nordin, Ragnar Ulfung, Eric Saeden
Summary: An opera by Mozart, in which a handsome young man is enlisted to rescue the Queen of Night's daughter from an evil sorcerer.
Movie poster for Magnificent Obsession (1935)

Magnificent Obsession (1935)

Director: John M. Stahl
Writer: Sarah Y. Mason, Victor Heerman, George O'Neil
Actor: Irene Dunne, Robert Taylor, Betty Furness, Ralph Morgan
Summary: Helen Hudson (Irene Dunne) is left widowed and penniless after the hospital is unable to save the life of her charitable husband, Dr. Hudson, because another drowning victim -- the spoiled Robert Merrick (Robert Taylor) -- required the hospital's only resuscitation device. Merrick seeks Helen out to offer recompense, but she rebukes him. He soon falls in love with her, but an accident leads to Helen's loss of eyesight, which threatens their relationship and eventually her life.
Movie poster for Magnificent Obsession (1954)

Magnificent Obsession (1954)

Director: Douglas Sirk
Writer: Robert Blees, Sarah Y. Mason, Victor Heerman
Actor: Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson, Barbara Rush, Agnes Moorehead, Otto Kruger, Gregg Palmer, Sara Shane, Paul Cavanagh, Judy Nugent, Helen Kleeb, Richard H. Cutting
Summary: When churlish, spoiled rich man Bob Merrick foolishly wrecks his speed boat, the rescue team resuscitates him with equipment that's therefore unavailable to aid a local hero, Dr. Wayne Phillips, who dies as a result. Phillips had helped many people, and when Merrick learns Phillips' secret, to give selflessly and in secret, he tries it in a ham-handed way. The result further alienates Phillips' widow, Helen, with whom Merrick has fallen in love. Merrick's persistence causes another tragedy, and he must remake his life, including going back to medical school, in an attempt to make amends and win her love.
Movie poster for The Major and the Minor

The Major and the Minor

Director: Billy Wilder
Writer: Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder
Actor: Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland, Rita Johnson, Robert Benchley, Diana Lynn, Lela Rogers, Raymond Roe, Frankie Thomas, Edward Fielding
Summary: A frustrated city girl decides to disguise herself as a youngster in order to get a cheaper train ticket home. But little 'Sue Sue' finds herself in a whole heap of grown-up trouble when she hides out in a compartment with handsome Major Kirby and he insists on taking her to his military academy after the train is stalled.
Movie poster for A Man and a Woman

A Man and a Woman

Un homme et une femme

Director: Claude Lelouch
Writer: Pierre Uytterhoeven, Claude Lelouch
Actor: Anouk Aimee, Jean Louis Trintignant
Screenplay: PN1997 .H65513 1971
Summary: A daredevil race-car driver and a movie script girl meet while visiting their children's boarding school. They soon share a love filled with warmth, humor and truth, and intertwined with the demands of career and parenthood.
Movie poster for Manhattan


Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen, Marshall Brickman
Actor: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Michael Murphy, Mariel Hemingway, Meryl Streep, Anne Byrne
Screenplay: PN1997 .M354 1979
Summary: Allen portrays Isaac Davis, a successful comedy writer whose wife, having left him for another woman, is now embarking on a book about their failed marriage. Isaac happily consoles himself in the arms of an adoring 17 year-old schoolgirl until he meets someone closer to his own age, who happens to be his best friend's mistress.
Movie poster for Marie Antoinette (2006)

Marie Antoinette (2006)

Director: Sofia Coppola
Writer: Sofia Coppola
Actor: Kirsten Dunst, Marianne Faithfull, Steve Coogan, Judy Davis, Jason Schwartzman, Rose Byrne, Al Weaver, Shirley Henderson, Molly Shannon, Rip Torn
Summary: Tells the story of the 14-year-old ill-fated Archduchess of Austria and later Queen of France. Marie Antoinette has became one of the most misunderstood and abused woman in history, from her birth in Imperial Austria. And how the young woman must grow up in front of the entire country of France.
Movie poster for Marius


Director: Alexander Korda
Writer: Marcel Pagnol
Actor: Raimu, Pierre Fresnay, Orane Demazis, Fernand Charpin
Summary: César runs a bar along Marseilles' port, assisted by his 23 year old son, Marius. Colorful characters abound: M. Panisse, an aging widower and prosperous sail maker; Honorine, a fishmonger with a sidewalk stall near the bar; her daughter, Fanny, who helps her sell cockles; and, various old salts. Friends since childhood, Fanny and Marius love each other, but Marius has a secret wanderlust: every ship's whistle stirs a longing for foreign lands. When M. Panisse seeks Fanny's hand in marriage and when a departing clipper needs a deckhand, Marius and Fanny must decide who and what they love most. César, with his generous, comic spirit, tries to guide his son.
Movie poster for Marjorie Morningstar

Marjorie Morningstar

Director: Irving Rapper
Writer: Everett Freeman
Actor: Gene Kelly, Natalie Wood, Claire Trevor, Everett Sloane, Marty Milner, Carolyn Jones, George Tobias, Martin Balsam, Jesse White, Edward Byrnes, Paul Picerni, Alan Reed, Ruta Lee, Ed Wynn
Summary: A naive young actress falls in love with an older, more-worldly theatrical producer.
Movie poster for Marty


Director: Delbert Mann
Writer: Paddy Chayefsky
Actor: Rod Steiger, Nancy Marchand, Joe Mantell
Screenplay: PN6120.T4 C5 1955, Emerson EBooks
Summary: Marty Pilletti is a 34 year-old butcher who lives with his mother. His brothers and sisters are all married and his dear mother - along with several other of her friends - is always asking him why he doesn't find a nice girl and get married. The truth is Marty is lonely and would like nothing better. He has very low self-esteem however and admits to his mother that he's ugly and no one wants him. He's tired of going to the Saturday night dance with his buddies and then going home more depressed than he was when the evening started. At one of those dances he meets Clara. They have a great deal in common but Marty will have to overcome peer pressure if he and Clara are to have a relationship.
Movie poster for Mary Reilly

Mary Reilly

Director: Stephen Frears
Writer: Christopher Hampton
Actor: Julia Roberts, John Malkovich, Glenn Close
Summary: The classic horror story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde gets a chilling new twist when seen through the eyes of Dr. Jekyll's devoted maid.
Movie poster for Match Point

Match Point

Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen
Actor: Brian Cox, Matthew Goode, Scarlett Johansson, Emily Mortimer, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Penelope Wilton
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .M28 2005
Summary: Former tennis pro Chris Wilton stumbles into good fortune when Chloe Hewett, the daughter of a wealthy businessman and the sister of one of his tennis students, falls in love with him. But when Chris meets Nola, a much deeper passion is stirred. His desire isn't deterred even after he discovers that Nola is already dating Chloe's brother. But when their affair threatens Chris's increasingly cozy lifestyle, Chris begins to consider a drastic solution.
Movie poster for The Matinee Idol

The Matinee Idol

Director: Frank Capra
Writer: Robert Lord, Ernest Pagano, Elmer Harris, Peter Milne
Actor: Johnnie Walker, Bessie Love, Ernest Hilliard, Lionel Belmore, David Mir
Summary: When Ginger Bolivar's amateur stock company is invited to join superstar Don Wilson's Broadway review, little does she know that recently hired bit-part actor Harry Mann and Don are one and the same. Don believes the Bolivar Players are unintentionally funny, and has brought them to the Big Apple as a comedy act. But when 'Harry' falls for Ginger, Don soon learns that humiliating the woman he loves is no laughing matter.
Movie poster for Meet Me in St. Louis

Meet Me in St. Louis

Director: Vincente Minnelli
Writer: Irving Brecher, Fred F. Finklehoffe
Actor: Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien, Mary Astor, Lucille Bremer, Leon Ames, Tom Drake, Marjorie Main, Harry Davenport
Summary: In Saint Louis before the 1904 World's Fair, Alonzo Smith threatens to uproot his family and move to New York, which greatly upsets his wife and four daughters.
Movie poster for Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha

Director: Rob Marshall
Writer: Robin Swicord
Actor: Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe, Michelle Yeoh, Koji Yakusho, Youki Kudoh, Kaori Momoi, Tsai Chin, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Suzuka Ohgo, Gong Li
Summary: In 1929, a poor fisherman sells his 9-year-old daughter to a geisha house in Kyoto. Chiyo will be an unpaid servant until it is determined if she is beautiful enough for apprenticeship, and the house's clientle. Run by Mother, the ruling geisha is Hatsumomo, and little Pumpkin her only friend. Trained under strict discipline for a lifetime of entertaining and flattering wealthy men, Sayuri grows up lovely, accomplished, and the target of jealous rivals. Love is no part of this cloistered world, although geisha lore hints that even if they fall in love with clients--the operative word is client, and that love is never free.
Movie poster for Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris

Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen
Actor: Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody, Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen, Owen Wilson
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .M536 2011
Summary: This is a romantic comedy set in Paris about a family that goes there because of business, and two young people who are engaged to be married in the fall, have experiences there that change their lives. It's about a young man's great love for a city, Paris, and the illusion people there have that a life different from theirs would be much better.
Movie poster for A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935)

Director: Max Reinhardt, William Dieterle
Writer: Charles Kenyon, Mary C. McCall, Jr., William Shakespeare
Actor: James Cagney, Joe E. Brown, Dick Powell, Jean Muir, Victor Jory, Verree Teasdale, Hugh Herbert, Anita Louise, Frank McHugh, Ross Alexander, Ian Hunter, Mickey Rooney, Olivia De Havilland, Hobert Cavanaugh, Grant Mitchell
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: Love is blind, fickle and true. Theseus, Duke of Athens, is going to marry Hyppolyta, Queen of the Amazons. Demetrius is engaged to Hermia, but Hermia loves Lysander. Helena loves Demetrius. Oberon and Titania, of the kingdom of fairies, have a slight quarrel about whether or not the boy Titania is raising will join Titania's band or Oberon's, so Oberon tries to get the boy from her by using some magic. Lysander and Hermina meet in the forest. Helena and Demetrius are there as well. There are actors practicing a play for the upcoming wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta. Due to some misunderstandings by Puck, the whole thing becomes a little bit more confused.
Movie poster for Misfits


Director: John Huston
Writer: Arthur Miller
Actor: Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift, Thelma Ritter, Eli Wallach
Summary: Following her divorce, a lonely young woman befriends a couple of down-on-their-luck cowboys. Both men desire her, but she longs for only one, who represents for her the freedom she's never had. Teaming up with a weather-beaten rodeo rider, the foursome goes into the mountains on a quest for rare and elusive wild horses. There they come to realize that, for all their differences, they share fundamentally similar needs and desires.
Movie poster for Mississippi Masala

Mississippi Masala

Director: Mira Nair
Writer: Sooni Taraporevala
Actor: Denzel Washington, Sarita Choudhury, Roshan Seth, Sharmila Tagore, Charles S. Dutton, Joe Seneca, Ranjit Chowdhry
Summary: In this exotic and erotic interracial love story, an African American businessman falls for a beautiful Indian immigrant, only to encounter shock and outrage from both families.
Movie poster for Mississippi Mermaid

Mississippi Mermaid

La sirene du Mississipi

Director: Francois Truffaut
Writer: Francois Truffaut
Actor: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Catherine Deneuve, Nelly Borgeaud, Martine Ferrire, Marcel Berbert, Yves Drouhet, Michel Bouquet
Summary: The mail-order bride is a mystery. Her appearance doesn't match the photo she sent, her likes and dislikes aren't those described in her letters. By the time the lonely businessman husband discovers who she is, it is too late, and he will even kill to keep her.
Movie poster for Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Director: Neil Jordan
Writer: Neil Jordan, David Leland
Actor: Bob Hoskins, Cathy Tyson, Robbie Coltrane, Michael Caine, Clarke Peters, Sammi Davis, Kate Hardie, Zoe Nathenson
Screenplay: PN1997 .M653 1985
Summary: An ex-con and a call girl are thrown together when he becomes her chauffeur. Initially he detests her but winds up under her spell.
Movie poster for Monsoon Wedding

Monsoon Wedding

Director: Mira Nair
Writer: Sabrina Dhawan
Actor: Naseeruddin Shah, Lillete Dubey, Shefali Shetty, Vijay Raaz, Tilotama Shome, Vasundhara Das, Parvin Dabas, Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Summary: Love, lust and hope envelop an upper middle-class Indian family and their world-wide guests as they celebrate for four days the arranged marriage of their daughter to an East Indian man from Texas.
Movie poster for Moon over Miami

Moon over Miami

Director: Walter Lang
Writer: Vincent Lawrence, Brown Holmes
Actor: Don Ameche, Betty Grable, Robert Cummings, Charlotte Greenwood, Jack Haley, Carole Landis, Cobina Wright
Summary: Two sisters and their aunt come into a small inheritance. They decide to use the money to travel to Miami in hopes of landing rich husbands.
Movie poster for Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom

Director: Wes Anderson
Writer: Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola
Actor: Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .M666 2012
Summary: Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, tells the story of two twelve-year-olds who fall in love, make a secret pact, and run away together into the wilderness. As various authorities try to hunt them down, a violent storm is brewing off-shore, and the peaceful island community is turned upside down in more ways than anyone can handle.
Movie poster for Moonstruck


Director: Norman Jewison
Writer: John Patrick Shanley
Actor: Cher, Nicolas Cage, Vincent Gardenia, Olympia Dukakis, Danny Aiello, Anita Gillette, John Mahoney
Screenplay: PN1997.A1 S43337 1996, PN1997 .M666 1986
Summary: A superstitious Brooklyn widow is ready to get married again. Only this time, she plans on doing it right - even if she has to say "yes" to a man she doesn't really love.
Movie poster for Morocco


Director: Josef Von Sternberg
Writer: Jules Furthman
Actor: Gary Cooper, Marlene Dietrich, Adolphe Menjou, Ullrich Haupt, Eve Southern, Francis McDonald, Paul Porcasi
Summary: A cabaret singer arrives in Morocco and continues her wicked career by enslaving all the men in sight, until she finally falls in love.
Movie poster for Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears

Moskva slezam ne verit

Director: Vladimir Menshov
Writer: Valentin Chernykh
Actor: Vera Alentova, Irina Muravyova, Raisa Ryazanova, Alexei Batalov
Summary: A romantic comedy about three young, working-class, country girls, who go to Moscow in 1958 to seek work, men, and success. The story then jumps forward twenty years to look at the results of their expedition.
Movie poster for Moscow on the Hudson

Moscow on the Hudson

Director: Paul Mazursky
Writer: Paul Mazursky, Leon Capetanos
Actor: Robin Williams, Alejandro Rey, Maria Conchita Alonso, Cleavant Derricks
Screenplay: PN1997 .M68, Emerson EBooks
Summary: Circus saxophonist Vladimir Ivanoff suddenly defects from his touring troupe in that temple of 'Western decadence'--Bloomingdale's. Fleeing the K.G.B., Vladimir wins asylum and moves into the crowded Harlem flat of Black security guard Lionel Witherspoon. Though Vladimir learns that life in America can be cold and even painful, he grows to love this strange and wondrous new land.
Movie poster for The Mother

The Mother

Director: Roger Michell
Writer: Hanif Kureishi
Actor: Anne Reid, Daniel Craig, Steven Mackintosh, Cathryn Bradshaw, Oliver Ford Davies
Summary: A newly widowed woman moves to London to be near her family. She soon feels like she is just an invisible old lady until a young man comes into her life. She finds things in herself that she thought were lost forever, but at what cost?
Movie poster for Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Director: Rodrigo Garcia
Writer: Rodrigo Garcia
Actor: Annette Bening, Jimmy Smits, Kerry Washington, Naomi Watts, Samuel L. Jackson, S. Epatha Merkerson, Cherry Jones, Elpidia Carrillo, Shareeka Epps
Summary: Three women's lives share a common core. They have all been profoundly affected by adoption. At age fourteen, Karen placed a baby for adoption, and has been haunted ever since by the daughter she never knew. Elizabeth grew up as an adopted child. Even though she is a bright and ambitious lawyer, she is a flinty loner in her personal life. Lucy and her husband are just embarking on the adoption odyssey, hoping for the opportunity to become parents.
Movie poster for Moulin Rouge (2001)

Moulin Rouge (2001)

Director: Baz Luhrmann
Writer: Baz Luhrmann, Craig Pearce
Actor: Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, John Leguizamo, Jim Broadbent, Richard Roxburgh, Garry McDonald, Jacek Koman, Matthew Whittet, Kerry Walker
Screenplay: PN1997 .M76 2000
Summary: Christian, an idealistic and impoverished young writer who, newly arrived in Montmartre, is haphazardly inducted into a circle of young bohemians led by Toulouse-Lautrec. A comedy of mistaken identities ensues, quickly enmeshing the young poet in a love triangle involving the unobtainable and consumptive Satine, queen courtesan of the Moulin Rouge, and the foppish Duke of Roxbury, his villainous rival for her affections.
Movie poster for Move Over, Darling

Move Over, Darling

Director: Michael Gordon
Writer: Bella Spewack, Samuel Spewack
Actor: Doris Day, James Garner, Polly Bergen, Chuck Connors, Thelma Ritter, Fred Clark, Don Knotts, Elliott Reid
Summary: A man who is ready to have his missing wife declared legally dead and remarry finds himself in a predicament when his first wife turns up after five years of being gone!
Movie poster for Mr. Lucky

Mr. Lucky

Director: H.C. Potter
Writer: Milton Holmes, Adrian Scott
Actor: Cary Grant, Laraine Day, Charles Bickford, Henry Stevenson
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: Spirited comedy of a professional gambler trying to raise a new bankroll by fleecing a wealthy young woman.
Movie poster for Mrs. Winterbourne

Mrs. Winterbourne

Director: Richard Benjamin
Writer: Phoef Sutton, Lisa-Maria Radano
Actor: Shirley MacLaine, Ricki Lake, Brendan Fraser, Miguel Sandoval, Loren Dean
Summary: Through a complicated mix-up, a poor unwed mother is mistaken for the widow of a rich man.
Movie poster for Much Ado about Nothing

Much Ado about Nothing

Director: Joss Whedon
Writer: Joss Whedon, William Shakespeare
Actor: Nathan Fillion, Reed Diamond, Amy Acker, Clark Gregg, Alexis Denisof, Frank Kranz, Sean Maher, Jillian Morgese
Summary: Joss Whedon's sexy and contemporary spin on Shakespeare's classic comedy about the story of sparring lovers Beatrice and Benedick offers a sensual, tragic and occasionally absurd view of the intricate game that is love.
Movie poster for Muriel's Wedding

Muriel's Wedding

Director: P.J. Hogan
Writer: P.J. Hogan
Actor: Toni Collette, Bill Hunter, Rachel Griffiths
Screenplay: PN1997 .M8723 1992
Summary: No one ever paid much attention to Muriel and her humdrum small- town life, so she and her best friend Rhonda decide to leave it behind and head for the big city...where they end up having the exciting adventure of their lives! What's more, soon everyone takes notice when Muriel becomes engaged to a handsome and popular sports hero!
Movie poster for Murmur of the Heart

Murmur of the Heart

Le souffle au coeur

Director: Louis Malle
Writer: Louis Malle
Actor: Benoit Ferreux, Lea Massari, Daniel Gelin
Summary: Louis Malle's coming-of-age comedy set in 1950s France follows 14-year-old Laurent, who's dying to lose his virginity, but is watched closely by his tight family and suffocated by domestic problems, including his mother's marital discontent.
Movie poster for My Beautiful Laundrette

My Beautiful Laundrette

Director: Stephen Frears
Writer: Hanif Kureishi
Actor: Saeed Jaffrey, Roshan Seth, Daniel Day Lewis, Gordon Warnecke, Derrick Branche, Shirley Anne Field
Screenplay: PN1997 .M879 1986
Summary: Set in the Pakistani community in south London, the film focuses on two youths-- Johnny, a working-class white, and Omar, a Pakistani. Together they operate a laundrette, which Omar inherits from his uncle. While Johnny looks upon the laundrette as a life line on which to salvage his self-respect, Omar sees it as just the beginning step on the road to riches.
Movie poster for My Best Friend's Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding

Director: P.J. Hogan
Writer: Ronald Bass
Actor: Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Everett, Philip Bosco, M. Emmett Walsh
Summary: Friends from college make a pact to marry each other if they are not married by 28. When Michael gets engaged Julianne will stop at nothing to stop the wedding.
Movie poster for My Love Came Back

My Love Came Back

Director: Curtis Bernhardt
Writer: Ivan Goff, Robert Buckner, Earl Baldwin
Actor: Olivia De Havilland, Eddie Albert, Jane Wyman
Summary: The doting CEO of Monarch Music Co. secretly gives Amelia the funds to stay in school, a Monarch exec smitten by Amelia feels he must cover up the boss's 'affair,' the CEO's ambitious son thinks funds missing from Monarch's books are embezzled by the exec, and Cupid's arrows fly. With the misunderstandings and missteps comes music fit for lively stepping.
Movie poster for My Man Godfrey

My Man Godfrey

Director: Gregory La Cava
Writer: Morrie Ryskind, Eric Hatch
Actor: William Powell, Carole Lombard, Alice Brady, Gail Patrick, Jean Dixon, Eugene Pallette, Alan Mowbray
Screenplay: PN1997 .M9 1936
Summary: A zany millionaire family invites a tramp to be their butler.
Movie poster for My Night at Maud's

My Night at Maud's

Ma nuit chez Maud

Director: Eric Rohmer
Writer: Eric Rohmer
Actor: Marie-Christine Barrault, Francoise Fabian, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Antoine Vitez
Screenplay: PN1997.M2313 S45 1993
Summary: A devout Catholic (Jean-Louis Trintignant) meets up with a Marxist friend he hasn't seen in 14 years, and both men wind up spending the evening in deep philosophical conversations about love and religion with a young divorcee named Maud (Francoise Fabian). Part of writer-director Eric Rohmer's "Six Moral Tales" film series, My Night at Maud's earned Oscar nominations for Best Original Screenplay and Best Foreign Film.
Movie poster for Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Director: Allan Dwan
Writer: Douglas Fairbanks
Actor: Douglas Fairbanks
Summary: In the midst of the 12th century Crusades, the Earl of Huntingdon sets out on a crusade of his own -- to save Nottingham from Prince John's tyrannical rule in King Richard's absence. The earl transforms himself into valiant swashbuckler Robin Hood and begins a quest that includes stealing from the rich, giving to the poor, charming Maid Marian and becoming one of the greatest adventure heroes of all time.
Movie poster for Nancy Goes to Rio

Nancy Goes to Rio

Director: Robert Z. Leonard
Writer: Sidney Sheldon
Actor: Jane Powell, Ann Sothern
Summary: A colorful Rio is the setting for a comic tale of personal and professional mixups as aspiring actress Nancy and her Broadway-veteran mother seek the same stage role. Adding to the Brazilian flair is Carmen Miranda in zany-hatted glory.
Movie poster for Never on Sunday

Never on Sunday

Pote Tin Kyriaki

Director: Jules Dassin
Writer: Jules Dassin
Actor: Melina Mercouri, Jules Dassin, Georges Foundas, Titos Vandis, Mitsos Lygizos, Despo Diamantidon, Dimos Starenios, Dimitri Papamichael, Alexis Solomos
Summary: The Pygmalion-like story of a Greek prostitute and the American who decides to educate her in the hope that she will abandon her streetwalking.
Movie poster for New York, New York

New York, New York

Director: Martin Scorsese
Writer: Earl Mac Rauch, Mardik Martin
Actor: Liza Minnelli, Robert De Niro
Summary: Splashy, flashy musical spectacle celebrating the glorious days of the Big Band Era in the Big Apple! Special features include an audio commentary, alternate takes, deleted scenes, a photo gallery, and more.
Movie poster for The Night Is Young

The Night Is Young

Mauvais Sang

Director: Leos Carax
Writer: Leos Carax
Actor: Michel Piccoli, Juliette Binoche, Denis Lavant
Summary: A fictional AIDS-like plague called STBO is infecting adolescents, and the only known serum is locked away at the top of a skyscraper.
Movie poster for The Night of the Iguana

The Night of the Iguana

Director: John Huston
Writer: Anthony Veiller, John Huston
Actor: Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr, Sue Lyon, Grayson Hall, James Ward, Cyril Delevanti, Mary Boylan
Summary: A defrocked, alcoholic, and emotionally-troubled minister struggles with his desire for earthly pleasures as a tour guide in Mexico. Shepherding a busload of school teachers and one libidinous 18-year old girl, he becomes entangled with the teen, suffers a nervous breakdown when discovered, and strands the group at the remote and rundown seaside hotel of his old friend Maxine. As his emotional state continues to unravel, and the group's problems increase, the hotel is joined by a travelling artist and her aged poet father, with their own secret troubles.
Movie poster for The Night Porter

The Night Porter

Il portiere di notte

Director: Liliana Cavani
Writer: Liliana Cavani
Actor: Dirk Bogarde, Charlotte Rampling, Philippe Leroy, Gabriele Ferzetti
Summary: The chance meeting of a woman and a former Nazi SS officer brings back memories of their sado-masochistic relationship in a concentration camp years before.
Movie poster for Nights and Weekends

Nights and Weekends

Director: Joe Swanberg, Greta Gerwig
Writer: Joe Swanberg, Greta Gerwig
Actor: Greta Gerwig, Joe Swanberg, Alison Bagnall, Elizabeth Donius, Jay Duplass, Kent Osborne, Lynn Shelton, Ellen Stagg
Summary: Mattie and James are in love and living in separate cities. As they both struggle with the distance between New York and Chicago, their visits become reminders of the difficulties rather than the pleasures of their relationship.
Movie poster for Nine


Director: Rob Marshall
Writer: Michael Tolkin, Anthony Minghella
Actor: Fergie, Kate Hudson, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, Sophia Loren, Daniel Day-Lewis
Screenplay: PN1997.2 .N56 2009
Summary: Arrogant, self-centered movie director Guido Contini finds himself struggling to find meaning, purpose, and a script for his latest film endeavor. Ten days away from the start of principal filming of his latest movie--ambitiously titled 'Italia'--he has no idea for the movie at all. Escaping all the pressure at a seaside resort, he thinks about the women who have shaped his life: Mamma, judgmental but affectionate; Luisa, cherished yet under appreciated wife; Claudia, actress/muse of the picture; Carla, his flashy, passionate mistress; longtime costumer Lilli; bubbly American journalist Stephanie, and Saraghina, the salacious, witchy temptress of his childhood memories.
Movie poster for Nomads of the North

Nomads of the North

Director: David Hartford
Writer: David Hartford, James Oliver Curwood
Actor: Lon Chaney, Lewis Stone, Melbourne McDowell, Betty Blythe, Spottiswoode Aitken, Francis McDonald
Summary: Chaney plays Raoul Challoner, Nanette Roland's true love, who arrives from the North just in time to stop her forced marriage to the villainous Bucky McDougall. Unfortunately, Raoul accidentally kills Bucky's accomplice, Marat, and is charged with murder.
Movie poster for Notes on a Scandal

Notes on a Scandal

Director: Richard Eyre
Writer: Patrick Marber
Actor: Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett, Bill Nighy
Summary: Barbara is a cynical schoolteacher who is close to retirement. Her only means of taking the edge off her desperate loneliness is writing in her journal. Sheba is a younger, attractive woman, who joins the faculty as an art teacher. Barbara watches her from afar and has nothing but caustic things to say in her diary. Barbara finds herself reaching out to Sheba. Sheba responds by inviting her to dinner at her house to meet Sheba's lecturer husband and their two children. Later, when Barbara discovers that Sheba is having a sexual relationship with a 15-year old student, Barbara realizes that knowledge of this secret gives her power over Sheba which she can use for her own purposes. Sheba becomes uneasy with Barbara's friendship. The tenuous relationship between the two women reaches a crisis point when Barbara's cat is dying and she asks Sheba to go with her to the vet. Sheba chooses to go with her family to see their son in a play instead. In revenge, Barbara sets in motion the scandal that will rock both their lives in ways they never imagined.
Movie poster for Notorious


Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writer: Ben Hecht
Actor: Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Louis Calhern, Madame Konstantin, Reinhold Schunzel, Moroni Olsen, Ivan Triesault, Alex Minotis
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks, PN1997 .N68 1946, PN1997 .N681c 1946
Summary: A beautiful woman with a tainted past is enlisted by American agent Devlin to spy on a ring of Nazis in post-war Rio. Her espionage work becomes life-threatening after she marries the most debonair of the Nazi ring, Alex. Only Devlin can rescue her, but to do so he must face his role in her desperate situation and acknowledge that he's loved her all along.
Movie poster for Notting Hill

Notting Hill

Director: Roger Michell
Writer: Richard Curtis
Actor: Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Hugh Bonneville, Emma Chambers, James Dreyfus, Rhys Ifans, Tim McInnerny, Gina McKee
Screenplay: PN1997 .N64 1999
Summary: The world's most famous movie star falls in love with a small-time bookstore owner.
Movie poster for Now You Know

Now You Know

Director: Jeff Anderson
Writer: Jeff Anderson
Actor: Jeremy Sisto, Rashida Jones, Heather Paige Kent, Jeff Anderson, Trevor Fehrman, Todd Babcock, Kevin Smith
Summary: Jeremy returns home to New Jersey to recover from his recently canceled engagement and hang with his buddies, Gil and Biscuit. As Jeremy tries to figure out what went wrong and how he can win Kerri back, he is pulled into a mess of late night pranks, un-canceled bachelor parties, and too many stiff drinks.
Movie poster for Of Human Bondage

Of Human Bondage

Director: John Cromwell
Writer: Lester Cohen
Actor: Leslie Howard, Bette Davis
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: A young man finds himself attracted to a cold and unfeeling waitress who may ultimately destroy them both.
Movie poster for On the Riviera

On the Riviera

Director: Walter Lang
Writer: Valentine Davies, Henry Ephron, Phoebe Ephron
Actor: Danny Kaye, Gene Tierney, Corinne Calvet, Marcel Dalio, Jean Murat, Henri Letodal, Clinton Sundberg
Summary: Jack Martin is an American entertainer working cabarets on the French Riviera. An impersonation of philandering industrialist Henri Duran is so convincing that even Duran's beautiful wife is fooled by it.
Movie poster for One Crazy Summer

One Crazy Summer

Director: Savage Steve Holland
Writer: Savage Steve Holland
Actor: John Cusack, Demi Moore, Curtis Armstrong, William Hickey, Joe Flaherty, Tom Villard
Summary: An aspiring artist and the aspiring singer he loves join the most berserk brood of sun-and-funners on Nantucket Island in New England.
Movie poster for One Hour with You

One Hour with You

Director: Ernst Lubitsch, George Cukor
Writer: Samson Raphaelson
Actor: Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald, Genevieve Tobin, Charlie Ruggles
Summary: Chevalier and MacDonald are a devoted husband and wife who test the sanctity of their marriage in Lubitsch's remake of his own silent 1924 film The marriage circle.
Movie poster for One Way Passage

One Way Passage

Director: Tay Garnett
Writer: Wilson Mizner, Joseph Jackson
Actor: William Powell, Kay Francis, Aline MacMahon, Frank McHugh, Warren Hymer, Frederick Burton
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: The seas are calm and the ship is sturdy, but the shipboard romance is doomed. Dan does not know that Joan is dying of an incurable disease. Joan does not know Dan is a convicted murderer en route to San Quentin. Still, they have four weeks to find happiness in each other's arms. Or will Dan forsake the love of a lifetime for his own life, using the vessel's Honolulu layover as a chance to escape the law?
Movie poster for Original Sin

Original Sin

Director: Michael Cristofer
Writer: Cornell Woolrich, Michael Cristofer
Actor: Antonio Banderas, Angelina Jolie, Thomas Jane, Jack Thompson, Gregory Itzin, Allison Mackie, Joan Pringle, Cordelia Richards
Summary: Luis is a wealthy Cuban coffee exporter, who sends away to America for a mail-order bride having had little luck finding love on his island. To his surprise, his new wife turns out to be not only beautiful, but passionate and devoted. But Luis' happiness proves to be short-lived when he learns that his bride may not be the person she claims to be.
Movie poster for Orlando


Director: Sally Potter
Writer: Sally Potter
Actor: Tilda Swinton, Billy Zane, Lothaire Bluteau, John Wood, Charlotte Valandrey, Heathcote Williams, Quentin Crisp
Summary: Orlando is an English nobleman who defies the laws of nature with surprising results. Immortal and highly imaginative, he undergoes a series of extraordinary transformations which humorously and hauntingly illustrate the eternal war between the sexes.
Movie poster for Othello (1995)

Othello (1995)

Director: Oliver Parker
Writer: Oliver Parker, William Shakespeare
Actor: Laurence Fishburne, Irene Jacob, Kenneth Branagh
Summary: In this dramatization of William Shakespeare's tragedy a great man's vanity is manipulated by a jealous aide to bring about his downfall. Betrayal, deception and murder end the friendship between Othello and Iago and culminate in the tragic death of Desdemona.
Movie poster for Out of Africa

Out of Africa

Director: Sydney Pollack
Writer: Kurt Luedtke
Actor: Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Klaus Maria Brandauer
Screenplay: PN1997 .O9 1985
Summary: The true story of Karen Blixen, a strong-willed woman who runs a coffee plantation in Kenya (British East Africa)in 1914. An epic romance of love and loss.
Movie poster for Out of Sight

Out of Sight

Director: Steven Soderbergh
Writer: Scott Frank
Actor: George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Ving Rhames, Don Cheadle, Dennis Farina, Albert Brooks
Screenplay: PN1997 .O876 1998a
Summary: A career bank robber busts out of jail with the help of his buddy and kidnaps a U.S. Marshal in the process. When the two cons head for Detroit to pull off their final big heist, the Marshal is put on their case but she finds she is attracted to one of them and has second thoughts about bringing them in.
Movie poster for The Owl and the Pussycat

The Owl and the Pussycat

Director: Herbert Ross
Writer: Buck Henry
Actor: Barbra Streisand, George Segal, Robert Klein, Allen Garfield, Roz Kelly, Jacques Sandulescu, Barbara Anson
Summary: Opposites can't help but attract in this outlandish pairing of a meek writer and a hot prostitute.
Movie poster for The Pagan

The Pagan

Director: W.S. Van Dyke
Writer: John Russell, Dorothy Farnum, John Howard Lawson
Actor: Ramon Novarro, Renee Adoree, Donald Crisp, Dorothy Janis
Summary: Henry Shoesmith, Jr., a handsome islander, devotes his days to singing and his nights to romance.
Movie poster for The Paper Chase

The Paper Chase

Director: James Bridges
Writer: James Bridges
Actor: Timothy Bottoms, Lindsay Wagner, John Houseman, Edward Herrmann, James Naughton
Screenplay: PN1997 .P358 1972
Summary: A moving story of a first-year Harvard Law School student who comes to terms with his dreams in America's most competitive school. Hart finds he must survive much more than the pressures, all-night cramming and insecurities he expected. He becomes fearful of a brilliant professor, who terrorizes some, inspires others and who easily separates the men from the boys.
Movie poster for Parineeta


Director: Pradeep Sarkar
Writer: Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Pradeep Sarkar
Actor: Sanjay Dutt, Saif Ali Khan, Raima Sen, Diya Mirza, Rekha
Summary: The lifelong romance between Lolita and Shekar is upset by the arrival of another man.
Movie poster for Parisian Love

Parisian Love

Director: Louis J. Gasnier
Writer: F. Oakley Crawford, Lois Hutchinson
Actor: Clara Bow, Donald Keith, Lillian Leighton, James Gordon Russell, Hazel Keener, Lou Tellegen, Jean De Briac, Otto Matiesen, Alyce Mills
Summary: Marie, a dancer in a seedy district of Paris, attempts to seduce the wealthy man who stole her lover in an elaborate scheme of revenge.
Movie poster for The Passion of Ayn Rand

The Passion of Ayn Rand

Director: Chrostopher Menaul
Writer: Howard Korder, Mary Galagher
Actor: Helen Mirren, Eric Stoltz, Julie Delpy, Peter Fonda
Summary: Novelist Ayn Rand is attracted to her brilliant, young and handsome new protege. She convinces their spouses to tolerate an affair. This arrangement lasts for fifteen years, with devastating consequences for all, until her protege's interest turns to a young student of his own.
Movie poster for Peggy Sue Got Married

Peggy Sue Got Married

Director: Francis Coppola
Writer: Jerry Leichtling, Arlene Sarner
Actor: Kathleen Turner, Nicolas Cage, Barry Miller, Catherine Hicks, Joan Allen, Kevin J. O'Connor, Barbara Harris
Screenplay: PN1997 .P4 1984a
Summary: Peggy Sue, a mother of two who runs her own business & is coping with an impending divorce, attends her 25th high school reunion, where a freak mishap sends her decades back in time, giving her the power to create an entirely different future for herself.
Movie poster for The People I've Slept with

The People I've Slept with

Director: Quentin Lee
Writer: Koji Steven Sakai
Actor: Karin Anna Cheung, Wilson Cruz, Archie Kao, Lynn Chen, James Shigeta
Summary: A promiscuous woman discovers she's pregnant and begins a quest to find the identity of the father.
Movie poster for Pete 'n' Tillie

Pete 'n' Tillie

Director: Martin Ritt
Writer: Julius J. Epstein
Actor: Walter Matthau, Carol Burnett, Geraldine Page
Summary: A humorous, heart-warming story of Pete Seltzer and Tillie Schlaine, an unlikely middle-aged match-up, having been introduced by mutual friend, date for six months, fall in love and get married.
Movie poster for Petulia


Director: Richard Lester
Writer: Lawrence B. Marcus
Actor: Julie Christie, George C. Scott, Richard Chamberlain, Arthur Hill, Shirley Knight, Pippa Scott, Kathleen Widdoes, Joseph Cotten
Summary: An unhappily married socialite woman is trying to get through to a recently divorced doctor, who in his own words just wants to feel something.
Movie poster for Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera

Director: Arthur Lubin
Writer: Eric Taylor, Samuel Hoffentstein
Actor: Nelson Eddy, Susanna Foster, Claude Rains, Edgar Barrier, Leo Carrillo, Jane Farrar, J. Edward Bromberg, Fritz Feld, Frank Puglia, Steven Geray, Barbara Everest, Hume Cronyn, Fritz Leiber
Screenplay: PN1997 .P478 1943a
Summary: A melodrama about a strange man who lives in the catacombs below the Paris Opera House and his love affair with an opera starlet whom he tutors.
Movie poster for The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

Director: Joel Schumacher
Writer: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Joel Schumacher
Actor: Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Patrick Wilson, Miranda Richardson, Minnie Driver
Summary: Tells the story of a disfigured musical genius who haunts the catacombs beneath the Paris Opera, waging a reign of terror over its occupants. When he falls fatally in love with Christine, the Phantom devotes himself to creating a new star for the Opera, exerting a strange sense of control over the young soprano as he nurtures her extraordinary talents.
Movie poster for The Pillow Book

The Pillow Book

Director: Peter Greenaway
Writer: Peter Greenaway
Actor: Vivian Wu, Ewan McGregor, Ken Ogata, Yoshi Oida, Hideko Yoshida, Judy Ongg
Summary: A modern-day Japanese woman's life experiences are inspired by the writings of Sei Shonagon, a female courtier who lived during the Heian Dynasty in 10th century Japan and her father's relationship with his publisher.
Movie poster for Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

Director: Jason Moore
Writer: Kay Cannon
Actor: Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, John Michael Higgins, Elizabeth Banks
Summary: Arriving at her new college, Beca finds herself not right for any clique but somehow is muscled into one that she never would have picked on her own: alongside mean girls, sweet girls and weird girls whose only thing in common is how good they sound when they sing together. When Beca leads this a cappella singing group out of their traditional arrangements and perfect harmonies into all-new mash-ups, they fight to climb their way to the top of college music competitions.
Movie poster for Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde

Writer: Robert Riskin, Jo Swerling, Dorothy Howell
Actor: Loretta Young, Robert Williams, Jean Harlow, Halliwell Hobbes, Reginald Owen, Edmund Breese, Donald Dillaway, Walter Catlett, Claude Allister, Louise Closser Hale
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: Platinum blonde is a glorious spoof of the newspaper business in New York City during the Depression; Ann Schuyler, a wealthy socialite, meets reporter "Stew" Smith and the two fall madly in love. The comedy begins as she tries to transform him from a ruffian newsman into a convincing gentleman.
Movie poster for Play Girl

Play Girl

Director: Frank Woodruff
Writer: Jerome Cady
Actor: Kay Francis, James Ellison, Mildred Coles, Nigel Bruce, Margaret Hamilton, Katharine Alexander
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: An experienced gold digger tutors her apprentice in wooing rich men while dodging her past, only to have the apprentice truly fall in love and risk everything for a handsome Texas millionaire.
Movie poster for Pleasantville


Director: Gary Ross
Writer: Gary Ross
Actor: Tobey Maguire, Jeff Daniels, Joan Allen, William H. Macy, J.T. Walsh, Don Knotts, Marley Shelton, Jane Kaczmarek, Reese Witherspoon
Screenplay: PN1997 .P56 1996a
Summary: Twin siblings David and Jennifer couldn't be more different: she curses, smokes, and sleeps around; David is a prototypical nerdy outcast. Then, one dark and stormy night, they're sucked into the TV and Pleasantville: a perfect suburban Disneyland suffused with church-social niceness and Rotary Club boosterism. Jennifer despises it all. So, like a pint-size Lauren Bacall, she refuses to play the role of poodle-skirted good girl and introduces one of the boys to sex, after which this bland, black and white world magically begins changing into color. Through the combined forces of sex and rock 'n' roll, it becomes clear that the things that make life worth living--passion, knowledge, and love--are far removed from safety, stability, and bland sterility. Before too long, the whole town is wondering: what's outside Pleasantville?
Movie poster for Pola X

Pola X

Director: Leos Carax
Writer: Leos Carax, Jean-Pol Fargeau
Actor: Guillaume Depardieu, Katerina Golubeva, Catherine Deneuve, Delphine Chuillot
Summary: A young, successful author is haunted by a recurring dream of a woman obscured in darkness.
Movie poster for Pollock


Director: Ed Harris
Writer: Barbara Turner, Susan J. Emshwiller
Actor: Ed Harris, Marcia Gay Harden, Tom Bower, Jennifer Connelly, Bud Cort, John Heard, Val Kilmer, Robert Knott, Amy Madigan
Summary: Fellow artists and lovers Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner are at the center of New York's 1940's art scene, but as Krasner neglects her work to push Pollock's career forward, Pollock begins to unravel emotionally. Pollock and Krasner escape to the country to marry, and soon, Pollock creates the work that makes him the first internationally-famous modern painter in America. But with fame and fortune comes a volatile temper and severe self-doubt; before long, Pollock's life threatens to explode.
Movie poster for Port of Shadows

Port of Shadows

Le Quai des Brumes

Director: Marcel Carne
Writer: Jacques Prevert
Actor: Jean Gabin, Michel Simon, Michle Morgan, Pierre Brasseur, Rene Genin, Marcel Perez, Roger Legris, Martial Rbe, Jenny Burnay, Edouard Delmont, Raymond Aimos, Robert Le Vigan
Summary: A deserter from the French military drifts into a small town, where he falls for a troubled young woman.
Movie poster for Portrait of Jennie

Portrait of Jennie

Director: William Dieterle
Writer: Paul Osborn, Peter Berneis
Actor: Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Lillian Gish, Ethel Barrymore, Cecil Kellaway
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks
Summary: An artist meets a schoolgirl in Central Park who has a mysterious air about her. What follows is an unforgettable love story.
Movie poster for Prelude to a Kiss

Prelude to a Kiss

Director: Norman Rene
Writer: Craig Lucas
Actor: Alec Baldwin, Meg Ryan, Kathy Bates, Ned Beatty, Patty Duke, Sydney Walker
Summary: After a six-week courtship, a young couple gets married. At the reception a mysterious old man kisses the bride, and the young lovers are sent on a magical journey they will never forget.
Movie poster for Primrose Path

Primrose Path

Director: Gregory LaCava
Writer: Allan Scott, Gregory LaCava
Actor: Ginger Rogers, Joel McCrea, Marjorie Rambeau, Henry Travers, Miles Mander
Summary: Ellie Mae lives on Primrose Hill with her good-hearted and fancy free mother, her drunken father, her younger sister and a mean-spirited grandmother. The Hill is not a good part of town, however. When she meets and falls for a hard-working man, they marry and she hides her past from him. When he discovers the truth it jeopardizes their marriage.
Movie poster for The Prince of Tides

The Prince of Tides

Director: Barbra Streisand
Writer: Pat Conroy, Becky Johnston
Actor: Barbra Streisand, Nick Nolte, Blythe Danner, Kate Nelligan, Jeroen Krabbe, Melinda Dillon, Jason Gould
Screenplay: PN1997 .P752 1988
Summary: A disillusioned Southern coach reveals his tortured childhood in order to help his troubled, suicidal sister, and discovers the healing powers of love and forgiveness.
Movie poster for The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride

Director: Rob Reiner
Writer: William Goldman
Actor: Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest, Wallace Shawn, Andre the Giant, Fred Savage, Robin Wright, Peter Falk, Carol Kane, Billy Crystal
Screenplay: PN1997 .P755 1986a
Summary: A kindly grandfather sits down with his grandson and reads him a bedtime story. As the grandfather reads the story, the action comes alive in a classic tale of love and adventure. The beautiful Buttercup is kidnapped and held against her will in order to marry the nasty Prince Humperdinck, while Westley (her childhood beau, now returned as the Dread Pirate Roberts) attempts to save her. Along the way he meets an accomplished swordsman and a giant, both of whom become his companions in his quest.
Movie poster for The Private Life of Don Juan

The Private Life of Don Juan

Director: Alexander Korda
Writer: Frederick Lonsdale, Lajos Biro
Actor: Douglas Fairbanks, Merle Oberon, Benita Hume, Bruce Winston, Gina Malo, Binnie Barnes, Melville Cooper, Owen Nares, Heather Thatcher, Diana Napier
Summary: Douglas Fairbanks Sr. makes his big-screen swan song with Korda's deliciously satiric deflation of the Don Juan myth. After having faked his own death and escaped Seville, the aging lothario returns, only to find that he has been forgotten; perhaps Merle Oberon's beauty can coax him back.
Movie poster for The Private Life of Henry VIII

The Private Life of Henry VIII

Director: Alexander Korda
Writer: Arthur Wimperis, Lajos Biro
Actor: Charles Laughton, Robert Donat, Elsa Lanchester, Merle Oberon, Franklin Dyall, Miles Mander, Laurence Hanray, William Austin, John Loder, Claud Allister, Gibb McLaughlin, Sam Livesey
Summary: Charles Laughton gulps beer and chomps on mutton, in his first of many iconic screen roles, as King Henry VIII, the ultimate anti-husband. Alexander Korda's first major international success is a raucous, entertaining, even poignant peek into the boudoirs of the infamous king and his six wives.
Movie poster for Querelle


Director: Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Writer: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Burkhard Driest
Actor: Brad Davis, Franco Nero, Jeanne Moreau, Laurent Malet, Hanno Poschl, Burkhard Driest
Summary: Fassbinder's final film; a stylized, delirious interpretation of Genet's story of a proud and tough loner, the sailor Querelle who becomes involved in drug smuggling, homosexual adventures, and murder.
Movie poster for Quills


Director: Philip Kaufman
Writer: Doug Wright
Actor: Geoffrey Rush, Kate Winslet, Joaquin Phoenix, Michael Caine
Summary: History's most infamous sexual adventurer lives in a madhouse, where a beautiful laundry maid helps him smuggle his erotic stories to the printer, defying orders from the asylum's priest.
Movie poster for Reaching for the Moon

Reaching for the Moon

Director: Bruno Barreto
Writer: Matthew Chapman, Julie Sayres
Actor: Miranda Otto, Gloria Pires, Tracy Middendorf, Marcello Ariroldi, Lola Kirke, Treat Williams
Summary: Based on the true love story of Elizabeth Bishop and Lota de Macedo Soares.This English-language 1950s period piece recounts the years of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Elizabeth Bishop when she left America to live and write in Rio de Janiero, where she would fall in love with well-off architect Lota de Macedo Soares.
Movie poster for The Reader

The Reader

Director: Stephen Daldry
Writer: David Hare
Actor: Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes, David Kross, Lena Olin, Bruno Ganz, Karoline Herfurth, Linda Bassett, Hannah Herzsprung, Susanne Lothar, Volker Bruch, Matthias Habich
Summary: What have we learned (and what might we have forgotten) from history's bloody backwash? Guilt, love, and history are three skeins, woven together to create human beings or, alternately, human monsters. The question of wartime culpability undergirds the May-December romance in postwar Berlin between Hanna, a weary-looking, sexually rapacious streetcar ticket-taker and Michael, a young schoolboy whom she seduces, ravenously and to his great delight. One day, Hanna is gone, with no explanation, and Michael grows into a promising young law student. His class attends a trial, where the new Germany judges the past and, by default, the lovers as well.
Movie poster for Rebecca


Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writer: Robert E. Sherwood, Joan Harrison
Actor: Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, Judith Anderson, Gladys Cooper, Nigel Bruce
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks, Emerson EBooks, Emerson EBooks, PN1997 .R423 1940, PN1997.A1 G32 1959 v.1, PN1997.A1 G32 1977
Summary: A shy young bride is neglected by her morose husband who seems to be still obsessed with his deceased first wife.
Movie poster for Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without a Cause

Director: Nicholas Ray
Writer: Stewart Stern
Actor: James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo, Jim Backus, Ann Doran, Corey Allen, Dennis Hopper
Screenplay: Emerson EBooks, PN1997 .R424
Summary: The teen-aged son of a well-to-do family gets involved in violence when he attempts to win the approval of a gang of high-school hoodlums.
Movie poster for Red Dust (1932)

Red Dust (1932)

Director: Victor Fleming
Writer: John Lee Mahin
Actor: Clark Gable, Mary Astor, Jean Harlow, Gene Raymond
Summary: When wisecracking Vantine hides away on Carson's plantation, he sizes her up as an easy target for his charm. But things change when an engineer and his beautiful wife show up and Carson writes Vantine off as nothing more than a 'cute little trick.' Now, with the two women vying for Carson's affection, a rivalry forms that soon boils over into jealousy and violence.
Movie poster for Red River Valley

Red River Valley

Hong hegu

Director: Xiaoning Feng
Writer: Xiaoning Feng
Actor: Jing Ning, Bing Shao, Zhen Ying, Paul Kersey, Nicholas Love
Summary: In the beginning of the century, a country Han girl is being sacrificed to a river god. Rescued first by her brother and then in a twist of fate by an old Tibetan woman, Zhen begins her new life taking the name of Snow Dawa, and slowly falls in love with Gesong, the Tibetan woman's son.
Movie poster for The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes

Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Writer: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Actor: Anton Walbrook, Marius Goring, Moira Shearer
Summary: Centers on the dilemma of a young ballerina torn between the composer who loves her and the impresario determined to fashion her into a great dancer.
Movie poster for Red-Headed Woman

Red-Headed Woman

Director: Jack Conway
Writer: Anita Loos
Actor: Jean Harlow, Chester Morris, Lewis Stone, Leila Hyams, Una Merkel
Summary: Jean Harlow is a red-headed secretary who hooks the company's married boss, while carrying on with chauffeur Charles Boyer.
Movie poster for Reds


Director: Warren Beatty
Writer: Warren Beatty, Trevor Griffiths
Actor: Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Edward Herrmann, Jerzy Kosinski, Paul Sorvino, Maureen Stapleton
Screenplay: PN1997 .R444
Summary: The true story of the love affair of John Reed, American Communist, journalist and activist and Louise Bryant, writer and feminist.
Movie poster for Remember the Night

Remember the Night

Director: Mitchell Leisen
Writer: Preston Sturges
Actor: Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, Belulah Bondi, Elizabeth Patterson, Willard Robertson, Sterling Holloway
Summary: Classy shoplifter Lee Leander, on trial for swiping a diamond bracelet, has her case postponed by Assistant District Attorney John Sargent until after Christmas. Taking pity on her, he bails her out of jail. He's driving home to Indiana for the holidays, and when he finds Lee's a Hoosier too, offers to drop her at her mother's on the way. When she's rejected by her mother, he brings her home to his place where his mother, his aunt and their farmhand, Willie, give her a real Christmas and the love she's never had. Inevitably, Lee and John fall in love -- but there's still a trial ahead.
Movie poster for Reunion at Fairborough

Reunion at Fairborough

Director: Herbert W
Writer: Albert Ruben
Actor: Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr, Red Buttons, Barry Morse
Summary: A reunion of former US Air Force buddies brings together men from all walks of life, who've been out of touch for 40 years, when they return to the English village where they were stationed during World War II. Hostrup returns on whim, with former crewmate Jiggs Quealy in tow, to reconnect with his old mates and discover what happened to the woman he loved so many years ago.
Movie poster for Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road

Director: Sam Mendes
Writer: Justin Haythe
Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Michael Shannon, Kathryn Hahn, David Harbour, Kathy Bates
Summary: Frank and April Wheeler live a life that appears to be perfect. They live in the Connecticut suburbs with two young children. Frank commutes to New York City where he works in an office job that he hates and has yet to figure out what his passion in life is. April is a housewife who forgoes her dream of being an actress. They are not happy. One day, April suggests that they move to Paris as a means to rejuvenate their life. Initially skeptical, Frank ultimately agrees to April's plan. When circumstances change around the Wheelers, April decides she will do whatever she has to to get herself out of her unhappy existence.
Movie poster for The Rise of Catherine the Great

The Rise of Catherine the Great

Director: Paul Czinner
Writer: Frederick Lonsdale, Lajos Biro
Actor: Elizabeth Bergner, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Flora Robson, Gerald du Maurier, Irene Vanbrugh, Joan Gardner, Dorothy Hale, Diana Napier, Griffith Jones, Gibb McLaughlin
Summary: A quick-witted and compelling dramatization of the troubled marriage of Catherine II (played by German actress Elisabeth Bergner, in her English-language debut) to Peter III (a randy Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) and her subsequent ascension to the throne as Empress of Russia.
Movie poster for The River

The River

Director: Jean Renoir
Writer: Rumer Godden, Jean Renoir
Actor: Patricia Walters, Adrienne Corri, Radha, Thomas E. Breen, Esmond Knight, Nora Swinburne, Arthur Shields, Suprova Mukerjee, Richard Foster
Summary: The film eloquently contrasts the growing pains of three young women with the immutability of the holy Bengal River in India, around which their daily lives unfold. Harriet lives in a house overlooking the river with her English family. One day, a young American arrives at the home of his cousin, Mr. John, a widower who lives next door to Harriet's family. The young man becomes the focus of attention for Harriet, her older friend Valerie, and for Mr. John's half-Indian daughter Melanie.
Movie poster for Robin and Marian

Robin and Marian

Director: Richard Lester
Writer: James Goldman
Actor: Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn, Robert Shaw, Nicol Williamson, Denholm Elliot, Ronnie Barker, Kenneth Haigh, Ian Holm, Richard Harris
Summary: The legend of Robin Hood continues when Robin and Little John return from the Crusades under the command of King Richard the Lionheart. But when Richard is accidentally slain, the mad King John assumes the throne and Robin regroups the members of his old Sherwood Forest band.
Movie poster for Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday

Director: William Wyler
Writer: Ian McLellan Hunter, John Dighton
Actor: Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn
Summary: A princess bored with her official visit to Rome slips away and plays at being an 'average Jane'. A reporter discovers her little charade and decides to cash in with an exclusive story. Before they know it, love calls.
Movie poster for The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

Director: Jose Quintero
Writer: Gavin Lambert
Actor: Vivien Leigh, Warren Beatty, Lotte Lenya, Jill St. John, Coral Browne
Summary: Karen Stone, a lonely, aging actress, lives in a luxurious apartment in Rome where she has a romantic fling with a young gigolo.
Movie poster for The Romance of Astrea and Celadon

The Romance of Astrea and Celadon

Les Amours d'Astree et de Celadon

Director: Eric Rohmer
Writer: Eric Rohmer
Actor: Andy Gillet, Stephanie Crayencour, Cecile Cassell, Veronica Reymond, Rosette, Jocelyn Quivrin, Rodolphe Pauly, Mathilde Mosnier, Serge Renko
Summary: In an enchanted, mythical forest, two star-crossed lovers are kept apart by their feuding families. Surrounded by rivals, nymphs, and druids, the two must overcome jealousy, temptation, and other worldly obstacles to keep their passion alive.
Movie poster for Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + Juliet

Director: Baz Luhrmann
Writer: Craig Pearce, Baz Luhrmann,